New Year Resolutions


A new year has begun. Every new year, people all over the world make new year resolutions. Some decide that its time to set new goals, time to maintain and keep those goals they have set.

Time flies…

People then realize that they have slowly fallen into their old habits. They have forgotten their goals that they set for themselves at the start of the year. Their commitment to maintain and succeed in their goals.

Ever had that happen to you? Well, its the same for me.

In July last year, I started a photo album titled “Vegan eats around Singapore with Amanda!”.

The album with a hit among my friends, both non-vegetarians and vegetarians alike. I received much positive feedback about starting a blog on the huge variety of vegan eats in Singapore. Even friends of friends approached me on Facebook asking for recommendations and writing of articles on vegan/vegetarian food in Singapore.

Life happened, I was busy tutoring and preparing my students for the O and A Levels at the end of the year. I spent 1.5 months in Kathmandu, Nepal immersing myself in a monastic environment in Kopan Monastery, practicing the Dharma intensively by participating in a 1 month Lam Rim (Guide to Enlightenment) course.

I had an enjoyable time and also, very fruitful discussion sessions with my discussion group.

The course has since ended and many of my friends and students ask me this question: How was the meditation sessions? Have I gained enlightenment?

Well, I would say that such an experience has certainly changed me for the better. My interactions with my family members are less abrasive. I am now more thankful and appreciative of all that my parents have given me.

All my friends and even strangers, whom through their kindness, made my life easier. Even when taking the train at peak periods, I am thankful that the stranger(s) in front of the train door made some space for me to squeeze into the train so that I do not need to wait for the next train.

All these small incidences that happen in my life, I am better positioned to handle it mentally, emotionally and physically. Not because I am a vegan, but because these are all fellow human beings whom I am sharing the planet with.

2011 has ended, but 2012 shall mark the day of the birth of my blog,

Dear friends, I look forward to your support in following my life’s vegan journey. Thank you!


5 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions

    1. Hi Jacobs, thank you for your suggestion. I am a member of VSS and met VSS interns at Veganburg when a meeting was conducted there. I applaud what VSS has done so far – commendable!



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