A Lush Affair…

Yesterday was my first official work day in Lush Singapore as a paid employee.

As some of my friends have known, I am really passionate about Lush and its concept since I came into contact with Lush in 2005.

My love affair with Lush began when I was in Australia on a concert band trip with my junior college. One of my fellow band members came onto the bus after our free shopping day in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall. He was raving and showing his purchases of soaps to fellow band members.

Being curious, I approached and started smelling those pieces of wrapped soaps. It smelt really nice.

I asked him from which shop did he buy it from and where was it located. I wanted to head there on our next shopping day when we had free time.

Isn’t it true that every time you wish for something, it never happens? Well, free time was not available to us.

Finally, on our last day, we managed to end early at about 4+pm. As shops close at 5pm, me and my senior, together with some fellow band members sprinted the distance from our accommodation to Queen Street Mall for Lush.

When we walked in, the staff were so friendly. They spent time explaining about the soaps to us and that is when I bought a few pieces of soap, such as Honey I Washed the Kids (#1 bestseller), Bohemian, Sea Vegetable, etc….

My senior, bought American Cream conditioner for her hair.

That night, she tried it and the both of us were stunned at the huge difference in her hair texture after she used it. We could really see and feel the difference. The fragrance was awesome.

I guess that is how I came to trust and use the full range of Lush hair products, my favorite being Lush’s Les Caca Range of Henna blocks for dyeing and conditioning.

Ever since the news came to me (through friends) that Lush is opening an outlet in Singapore, I was overjoyed. I went for the first recruitment drive, was the first person to arrive for it 30mins before it started and spoke with the team who are bringing Lush into Singapore.

I guess I was too excited.

However, I was unable to attend Lush’s opening on 2nd December 2010 as I was away in Nepal attending a 1 month long course in Kopan monastery.

When I arrived back in Singapore for 4 days in December, the Lush management team was so kind as to give me the opportunity to learn about the many different Lush products and how to do retail sales of Lush while working for free!

It was a great learning experience. Something totally different from what I have been doing.

My friend visited me at the store and took this photo of me as seen above.

Lush has a full product range of fresh handmade cosmetics, covering Bath, Body, Face, Shower, Hair, Gifts, Spa, Gorilla Perfume and Retro. All our products are lovingly made by hand in the UK with the freshest ingredients and imported into Singapore. Read about Lush’s We Believe philosophy.

With such a wide range of products available, what are you waiting for? Do stop by Lush at 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria Outlet # B1-13. Our store opening hours are from 10am-10pm.

P.S.: Just follow the familiar scent of Lush from Orchard MRT to find us.

P.P.S.: Who would like to see a post on guilt-free great tasting vegan desserts and cakes next up on www.sgvegan.wordpress.com? Do leave a comment below, thanks!


2 thoughts on “A Lush Affair…

  1. Hi sgvegan,
    Are you still working there seeing that you had attend their recruitment drive,how is the recruitment drive? Did you submit a cv or resume to lush? What did you write for it? Working experience only? Was your position as a sales associate? Was the salary decent? Did they give out free staff stuff when you first started working and when they release new products?
    How was the working hours and the working environment?


    1. Hi Glassesphua,

      I don’t think I am the best person to advice you since its been a while I have last worked at Lush.

      It sounds like you are really interested to work there so my best advice would be to just attend their recruitment drive and ask them your questions!

      The most important thing is still the passion for Lush. 😉



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