What do vegans eat during CNY reunion dinner?

Have you ever had a tough time racking your brains on where to bring your family for a vegetarian reunion dinner? A place where its affordable, yet with good tasting food?

Fret not!

My core family members are vegetarian (I am the only vegan) while the rest of my extended family (grandparents, aunts and uncles) are not vegetarians. Thankfully, my extended family are willing to go vegetarian for our reunion dinner.

This year, we decided to have our reunion dinner at Fo You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant at 155 Kitchener Road Singapore 208527, just a short walk from Farrer Park MRT Station.

This is what we have for starters.

Apologies for the blur image as I was just too hungry. 😀

My younger cousins and myself immediately dug into the crispy seaweed (right). We loved it so much, we bought some tubs of it back for home consumption.

Next up was Fo You Yuan’s Yu Sheng.

Fo You Yuan Yu Sheng $48/$38/$28

We started off the actual reunion dinner with a Fortune Five Cold Dish. Which came nicely presented:

Fortune Five $50

( For those who prefer 6 cold dishes, FYY Special Cold Dish goes for $65)

What was really fantastic about this dish was the thinly sliced raw bittergourd appetizer that was specially added by Tommy (boss) for my family as we wanted to try something special.  My uncle especially, raved about the raw bittergourd appetizer even after the meal. He loves it.

Double Boiled Herbal Soup $6/pax

Broccoli with Monkey Mushroom and Bamboo Pith (Special) $24/$18/$12

This dish is something that is unique to Fo You Yuan and especially loved by my younger cousins. I however, did not partake in it as it is not vegan. But definitely a must try for vegetarians.

Vegetarian Escargot $24/plate

Thai-style Homemade Beancurd Roll $18

This dish was especially well-liked by the family. Now, if only I can have this for breakfast…

Fo You Yuan Signature Bee Hoon $24/$16/$8

Kai Lan with Deep Fried Mushroom (Seasonal) $24/$18/$12

Lucky Trotters $36 (2 pieces)

We specially requested for a low sugar dessert.

Yam Paste with Gingko Nut $3/pax

Overall, the meal was delicious, and my family members were raving about a particular dish they liked. Each member had a different favorite dish. Hence, Fo You Yuan really caters to different taste buds.

After looking at these photos, don’t you feel hungry? If you quote “sgvegan.wordpress” to Tommy (boss), you get to enjoy 10% off your bill!

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Fo You Yuan now! 😀


5 thoughts on “What do vegans eat during CNY reunion dinner?

    1. Thanks Grace! 😀 Do head down for a vegetarian meal one day if you are in the vicinity and remember to quote “sgvegan.wordpress”!



    1. Hi Minna, I’m not exactly sure what is a usual price but that is one of their signature unique dish. My family ordered 2 plates (24 pieces of cheesy mushrooms) of that for 12 people. Do remember you can get a 10% discount at the end of your meal too, by quoting “sgvegan.wordpress”. Enjoy! 😀



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