Think fast food is junk food? Think again!

When you hear “fast food”, what is the first thing you think of?

McDonald’s? KFC? Burger King? Long John Silver’s?

Sadly for us vegetarians and vegans, there is not much, if not, close to nothing we can eat from these fast food places. Plus, the food is really unhealthy.

As such, I have always grown up with the concept that fast food = junk food. That is, until VeganBurg came onto the scene in Singapore on 10 Oct 2010, opening their first outlet at Eunos.

Introducing the new kid on the block… VeganBurg! This photo is taken at their 2nd outlet, at Golden Shoe Carpark, near Raffles MRT.

My friend, Grace, who is a fellow blogger, was interested in adopting a vegetarian diet. As such, I introduced her to VeganBurg. Thats us, together with Alex, the Founder / Burger Director of VeganBurg.

We had our lunch at VeganBurg‘s Golden Shoe outlet. First up, was this special side of Crispy Potato and Spinach Pops.

Why special? Well, I have always enjoyed this yummy snack since I first sank my teeth into them on 12 August 2011. However, this time with Alex around, I learnt something new about these yummy pops. They are handmade. I’m not joking. I even had to confirm with Alex that what he informed me was true.

According to Alex, the potato for the pops are prepared by hand, using real potatoes from scratch, and not using some potato powder mix. The kitchen prepares enough for about 2 days worth at one go. No wonder I have always felt that these pops are rich in potato goodness (and worth every cent).

Next up, were the main burgers we were hungry for: Tom Yum Burger & Char-Grilled Satay Burger.

The Tom Yum Burger is a limited edition burger, only available for the months of January – Feburary 2012. This is the specialty of VeganBurg, where much research and development goes into preparing new flavors to expand their menu selection.

VeganBurg Tom Yum Burger S$8.85 / S$12.85 (burger+seaweed fries+juice)

I really love the sweet + sour + spicyness of the Tom Yum. The flavors were well done, all in moderation and great on the palate. Frankly speaking, the taste lingered on my mind such that I had to go back the next day just to satisfy this craving of mine!

VeganBurg Char-Grilled Satay Burger
S$6.85 / S$10.85 (burger+seaweed fries+juice)

Alex is really an amazing individual. He has been vegetarian for more than a decade. And the most awesome thing about him is – Alex was the kind of person who was totally against eating a vegetarian meal. He would rather go hungry than to endure eating a vegetarian meal.

So why then, and how, did Alex decide to go vegetarian?

Well, it all started in 1998 when Alex was 24 years old. He was experiencing stomach bloatedness. Even after visiting all sorts of doctors, no one was able to help him cure his health issue.

Then a friend suggested to Alex, why not try a vegetarian diet?

Well, I guess that’s why at the tender age of 25 years old, he decided to give that a go, since medicine was not helping him.

Gradually, he realized that his health improved as his diet changed.

Over time, as Alex began reading and researching more into vegetarianism, he realized that his diet naturally became vegan by choice. Why so? Its because of the environmental stress we are placing on Mother Earth whenever we eat meat in our diet.

In Singapore however, the vegetarian industry has been framed as being religious (remember friends who eat vegetarian on the 1st & 15th of the Lunar month?) or people turning vegetarian only when their lives are going to end.

Thus, VeganBurg was conceptualized as a HIP, COOL, YOUNG, TRENDY and FUN place with TASTY food to hang out at – a branding angle that has paid off, I must add. I have always been observing youths in their school uniforms eating at the Eunos outlet.

So my question to Alex was, why VeganBurg? Having come from a background where he had never cooked, and was never involved in F&B, why did Alex decide to go down the route of VeganBurg?

Alex’s reply was, it is easy to be vegetarian, but not vegan. VeganBurg was started based on his PASSION, CONTRIBUTION & BELIEF. You can find vegetarian burgers easily. But how about vegan burgers? Alex wanted to create a revolution for the fast food industry.

And he did. Fast food is never the same for me.

For those who are interested, VeganBurg‘s 2nd outlet is located at:

50 Market Street #01-28D
Golden Shoe Carpark
Singapore 048940

Directions: From Raffles MRT, take Exit G (UOB Plaza 1). Once out, walk straight, looking out for the orange words “Cedele”. Cross roads and turn left below the “Cedele” words, walking straight ahead. You will notice a VeganBurg sign on your right. Follow it to enter into the new premises of the Golden Shoe outlet. Make your order and enjoy your VeganBurg meal! 😀

Do take note that this outlet will be officially opening on 1.2.12 (1 Feb 2012). As a special opening promo to all customers, VeganBurg will give you 2 FREE burgers, when you purchase 1. Nope, you are not hearing wrong… BUY 1 GET 2 FREE!!! More details will be released on VeganBurg’s Facebook page nearer the date, but I believe there will only be 2 burger choices on that day, to make it easier for the kitchen staff to cope with the high demand.

So… what are you waiting for? Such a crazy 2-for-1 deal will probably never exist again. I will definitely be heading down to Golden Shoe on 1.2.12. What about you? 😛


5 thoughts on “Think fast food is junk food? Think again!

    1. I agree! It would be nice to have an outlet in London definitely. But do come by Singapore one day to have a bite – Once bitten, Twice Wise!



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