Sometimes, I get really hungry when I am in a place like Singapore.

It seems so much easier to get food that contains meat, rather than a healthier option like vegetarian food.

Even so, for vegetarian food in Singapore, it is usually cooked with so much oil or mock meat that I feel like I rather go hungry than to eat such food. :(

After being on the prowl for a healthier alternative, I discovered that Starbucks Singapore carries ORGANIC SOY MILK option, just for the price of an extra 60 cents.

What is 60 cents (multiply by number of drinks consumed) as compared to a hefty hospital bill for clogged arteries/high blood pressure/high cholesterol that leads to heart attack? Or other major illnesses? :D

As such, I would like to share with you my favorite customized drink order, made specially by this female barista, who helped me customize my order, with whom I became friends with and who is the only one who can make my drink the way I like it without me having to specify my order. 

Just showing my face = making my order. 

Sounds too-good-to-be-true? Here’s the breakdown of my customized drink:

What this means is: Iced Venti Soy Green Tea Latte (GRTL), 1.5 classic pump, 7 scoops green tea powder, no ice (top up with soy milk). Also, shake well but no foam.

This order for the cold GRTL is not easily made. Why so? Because the soy milk is cold, the green tea powder cannot dissolve well. So you get lumps/clumps of green tea powder settling at the bottom of the cup.

For the drink to taste good, more green tea powder is a must. In my opinion, Starbucks does not use enough green tea powder for it to taste really thick. It is a must to therefore, customize the drink.

Hence, if I cannot get my cold GRTL done by Yvonne…

I would rather order the hot version of the GRTL. As the green tea powder dissolves better in the hot drink, I am at least assured of a more consistent quality at whichever Starbucks outlet I happen to be at.

After getting the drink, my tummy is full and I can withstand any hunger pangs till I am able to get vegan food. :D

I am really happy to be able to meet such an amazing barista friend. She is someone who really cares for the customer, and greets each customer warmly with a smile and cheerful voice.

Combined with her little touch of thoughtfulness, such as her remembering your order (if you are a frequent customer), you can simply order by showing your face.

And like me, if you love drinking Soy Green Tea Latte, do remember to make your order with Yvonne (at West Coast Plaza) by specifying “Amanda Teng’s drink“. I am certain she will definitely know which drink you are referring to. :)

Disclaimer: This post is entirely written from the viewpoint of Amanda Teng (SGVegan) and is not supported by Starbucks Singapore.