Introducing… SGVeganGrrrls!

Over the past few days, I have been actively involved in spending some “alone” time with myself – going for yoga classes as a form of exercise, attending Buddhist classes as a form of spiritual growth, and spearheading the direction in which SGVegan would be moving in.

I have received constructive feedback from my readers on things they would love to see on SGVegan.

Thank you for sharing such invaluable feedback with me and I promise you, I am doing my best to act on them. Do keep sharing with me what you would love to see on SGVegan. 🙂

Some of my followers would know that so far, SGVegan‘s latest 2 posts on 7 Feb 2012 and 10 Feb 2012 are being featured on SEA Youth Say So, an online magazine featuring contributions from young people across South East Asia sharing their views, opinions and perspectives on a variety of topics.

If you love reading about South East Asia through the eyes of youths, SEA Youth Say So is a page to bookmark!

In addition, I am very humbled and gratified that the Vegetarian Society (Singapore), VSS endorsed SGVegan in their latest newsletter on 15 Feb 2012.

And of course, all these would not been possible with all the support I have been getting from all of you! 😀

Since SGVegan was started, I have the good fortune to be able to come into closer contact with more vegans and vegetarians from all walks of life.

Thus, when requests came from a fellow vegan for a mini SGVegan gathering, together with a fellow vegan expressing an interest to raise awareness on the plight of animals, I decided to get down to business and organize an informal meet up at VeganBurg Eunos.

Introducing Katrina, me and Carol, the SGVeganGrrrls.

*Note*: No photo editing software was used at all. Photo was taken exactly as we are.

Katrina is a media marketer and a model / DJ. She has graced the pages of several magazines and TV shows in the Philippines as part of her vegan campaign. After seeing how animals were slaughtered for fiestas in the Philippines at the age of 10, Katrina went vegetarian, then vegan, as she realized that animals are made of flesh and bone, just like us.

Carol is a simple person with a simple lifestyle. A vegetarian since 1999, she loves eating healthy food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through swimming and going to the gym. Being an ardent animal lover, she decided to adopt a vegan diet out of her concern for the welfare of animals.

It is really amazing that despite us being strangers meeting each other for the first time, the conversation flowed easily and spontaneously amongst us.

Even after VeganBurg closed for the night, we continued our conversation at the MRT station. It was only when the announcement informed us that the last westbound train is arriving that we had to finally part with each other…with the promise that we will stay in contact as SGVeganGrrrls, with “Grrrls” being a spin on the word “girls”.

It is my pleasure to be able to meet such lovely individuals and the best way to end our lovely night. 😀


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