Making your own face mask the LUSH way!

I’ve been a fan of Lush since 2005, when I first tried their soap products. Since then, my love for Lush started to branch out into hair care and then into skin care through their fresh face masks.

What is very interesting about Lush’s fresh face masks is that they are all handmade with NO preservatives. Hence, each mask can only be kept refrigerated for a month after being made.

And, for the first time in Singapore, we had a FRESH face mask party over at Lush. This event happened on 19 Feb 2012, 2pm at the Wisma Atria premises of Lush.

Having heard about the event through my Facebook, my secondary school friend, Praveena was so excited to have the chance to make her own Lush fresh face mask!

This was what greeted participants when they came in…

As this was a party, there were fresh organic fruits and a non-alcoholic drink for participants to enjoy.

You may be wondering about the abundance of blueberries. Well, the fresh face mask that we are making is Catastrophe Cosmetic, a blueberry mask! Full of vitamins and antioxidants, together with a gentle calamine base, this mask has very deep cleansing properties for all skin types to prevent any skin disasters.

May (left), one of the partners who brought Lush into Singapore and who makes all the fresh masks in store, started off the fresh party with an introduction to the 4 participants (from left: Penny, Esther, Karen and Praveena).

As the skin is our largest organ in our body, it is important that we should “feed” it with food that we would eat.

Next up, was to add the essential oil base mixture consisting of glycerine, almond oil, rose absolute, chamomile blue oil and sweet wild orange oil.

Now, participants get to finally have their hands-on moment of making their own face masks where they paired up to blend their own blueberry-essential oil mixture!

You can really see the look of pure joy, excitement and delight on their faces! 🙂

The result of their blending:

It was obvious that there is a difference in the color of their blueberry-essential oil mixture. May explained that it was due to the difference in the length of blending by the pairs. A more thorough blending produced the mixture as seen on the right.

Next up, was adding the Irish Moss to the mixture, as demonstrated by May in the photo below with a wide smile:

Participants get to blend the mixture again!

There was not much color difference in the mixture even after a second blending (i.e. the pinker mixture stayed pink). I guess the color of the mixture is determined by the first blending.

Now comes the most interesting part: adding the calamine/talc powder to the mixture…

*Word of caution: Mask-maker will turn white.*

…and mixing it up!

Work in progress…

Team work is most crucial! 😛

Finally, participants get to pack their own fresh face mask they made…

…and bring it home!

*The remainder of the masks made by Karen/Praveena and Penny/Esther will be on sale to the public. *

These happy participants, together with May, our very own Lush’s fresh mask maker, embody Lush’s philosophy of “We believe in happy people making happy soap (mask)”! 😀

**SGVegan would like to thank all participants for their enthusiasm and to Lush Singapore for permission in covering the event. **


3 thoughts on “Making your own face mask the LUSH way!

    1. Hey Kat, no problem as you had something on that day. It was a really unique and satisfying experience to see the fresh face masks being made first hand! 🙂



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