Vegans and the social media

Since SGVegan was conceived on 8 Jan 2012, I’ve come a long way from learning the power of social media.

I’ve had strangers adding me on Facebook, and made new friends with some of these strangers. And I am delighted to say that my special team of SGVeganGrrrls (conceived on 15 Feb 2012) is made up of 2 amazing grrrls, Katrina and Carol, whom I got to know through Facebook.

For me, social media is defined as SGVegan (this blog), the internet and Facebook.

I would like to specially focus on Facebook, since it is through this platform I’m always learning and growing.

Facebook: this social network of mine has led to me add like-minded people as friends, and have them also adding me as friends. It has also led to an online gathering of like-mindedness. Strangers can come together to support another stranger, as long as they believe in the same ideals.

I would like to share this conversation that happened mid-week.

This came onto my newsfeed:

I decided to check it out:

And because I am sitting behind a computer screen, I decided to add a comment to the photo:

What followed showed me the power of social media (albeit amongst a small group of passionate people with a cause):

I felt this connection between Debra and Angela especially through this brief conversation spanning 53 comments. Thank you to the both of you for sharing with me your invaluable thoughts and life experiences. 🙂

If you are interested in our comments on the photo and what our efforts have led to, do head to this photo at Canada Goose’s Facebook page to check it out.

On a lighter note, I have been working on some interesting features for SGVegan, and shall update a conclusive list in the next few days! Anyone wants to make a guess first? 😉


6 thoughts on “Vegans and the social media

  1. Hi Amanda, it is indeed true how powerful social media can be. I am writing on behalf of the Vegetarian Society (Singapore) and we are hoping to capitalize on the local veg blogging community for one small endeavour. If it is possible, could you email me at so I could speak to you in greater detail over email? Thank you so much!



    1. Hi Ashley, I think I may know what you are having in mind – “Adopt a Uni” day? I’ll drop you an email.



    1. Hi Dr Jacobs, thanks for sharing! Unfortunately I am unable to make it but I rejoice that the response has been overwhelmingly positive!



  2. Great post Amanda! And yes, there is a wonderful online community for animal advocates and vegans. My favourite part of how affected you were by that conversation? Angela and I have never met!


    1. Hello Debra, its amazing right? The power of strangers with a common cause unites us all. I’m glad to be a part of this wonderful community. 🙂



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