Death Cab for Cutie x JD Samson in Singapore!

Our SGVeganGrrrls, Katrina, shares with us what she has been up to recently: meeting the HOT *gasp* vegan boys from the rock band, Death Cab For Cutie and… JD Samson of the electro rock band, Le Tigre when they stopped by Singapore. 

So here’s the deal. I went to 2 gigs on the same date – I know it’s awesome, but do you know what’s more awesome than that? Both acts are animal friendly! 🙂

First off, the Death Cab for Cutie gig at Fort Canning Park. Death Cab for Cutie is an alternative band based in the United States with hits like “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” and “Soul Meets Body”. It’s just so awesome catching a glimpse of their guitarist, Chris Walla. Why?

Because he’s on a plant-based diet and he knows how to rock. he went vegetarian when he was 15 years old. He decided to go vegetarian because he was appalled with the concept of factory farming and how horrifying it is.
The other gig was that of JD Samson of the art/performance band MEN, based in Brooklyn. JD was also a part of the feminist electropunk band called Le-Tigre and has appeared in the critically acclaimed movie “Shortbus”. Aside from that, she co-produced the Christina Aguilera song “My Girls”.
Why do I love JD? It’s because she has a heart for animals. Back in 2008, JD together with her Le Tigre bandmates appeared in an anti-fur ad saying “Don’t Let Your Honey Wear A Bunny”.
There is something really awesome with bands coming together for a cause and it’s just so amazing when they are passionate about it.

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