Ever wanted to eat guilt free, wholesome ice cream?

Fret not!

Brownice (pronounced “brown-niece” or “brownese”) is Singapore’s first vegan ice cream parlour.

Strawberry Brownice ice cream with granola topping, S$4.80.

Located at 8 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Centre, #01-03 Singapore 575628, or a mere 10mins walk from Marymount MRT Station, Brownice is a cosy place to chill/relax/hang out at, whether alone or in a group.

During the day, Brownice offers customers a quiet environment, which is ideal for getting some work done, whether you are a student or a working professional. There is free wifi (Wireless@SG) with good signal.

First time walk-in customers sampling different flavors.

It is only at night after dinnertime, that the crowd starts to swarm into Brownice, enticed by the sign that reads “Guilt free ice cream in store. Ask us why.”

For the clueless, Brownice ice cream is made from organic brown rice.

Usually, most of us will steer clear of ordering brown rice when we eat out, as we do not like the taste of it.

However, if you have the chance to have a taste of Brownice ice cream, I am definitely certain that you will not believe that their ice cream can taste so good.

In fact, you will not even believe that it is made from brown rice.

How did the Brownice concept come about?

With the Brownice team.

Denise (second from left) is the sweet lady who came out with this concept by chance.


A self-confessed kitchen mouse, Denise loves making food.

Kitchen utensils are her toys, food are her babies. 🙂

Denise started her kitchen journey by having the opportunity to operate on a small scale by making food in a kitchen that was owned by a friend and selling them in store.

Unfortunately, the place closed down but Denise was able to get a similar second chance.

After some time, as indicated through the in store sales performance, Denise discovered that the food item she made (ice cream) was popular.

As such, she started testing the market by participating in flea markets organized at The Central (Clarke Quay).

Brownice ice cream was initially sold in brand less plain cups.

The crowds came; many people loved her ice cream, giving her the affirmation and determination to set up Brownice.

Sometime back, Delcie (who guaranteed that I would love Brownice ice cream) introduced me to Denise.

I can still remember that it was a hot Thursday afternoon.

With Google maps as my guide, I alighted at Marymount MRT station and embarked on the 10mins walk to Brownice.

I chanced upon Brownice after noticing the sign at their shop entrance: “Guilt free ice cream in store. Ask us why.”

Upon entering, I was greeted by Delcie, who surprisingly happened to be visiting Denise as Brownice just had their official store opening a few days back!

It was a really amazing experience to be in the company of these 2 ladies who are the pioneers of guilt free vegan desserts in Singapore. What’s more, the both of them are really nice inspiring ladies!

Being new to Brownice, Denise “walked” me through all the ice cream flavors that were available. She had me slowly taste every single flavor, with alkaline water to rinse my mouth between tastings.

At that time, it was chocolate week and there were many chocolate flavors available. I was elated! It is not easy to come by vegan chocolate. Plus, chocolate is my #1 favorite!!

And… Brownice did not fail to disappoint my taste buds. All their chocolate flavors had a robust chocolate-ty taste.

Brownice ice cream bun, S$4.80.

After enquiring with Denise, I was pleased to learn that she uses the WHOLE cocoa bean for the chocolate flavors.

The reason for this is because Denise strongly believes in the concept of real wholesome food.

Hence, she will ensure that the whole fruit (e.g. strawberries, vanilla pods etc.) goes into the making of Brownice ice creams.

Thus, different batches of ice cream will have slightly different flavors. This is due to the natural seasonal difference, especially in the fruit flavors. But they will never fail to disappoint. And that’s a promise.

So far, I’ve been a frequent customer at Brownice as I love the cosy atmosphere.

A day out at Brownice.

In addition, the 3 yummy reasons below ensure my frequent patronage of Brownice.

1.     There is a never-ending supply of healthy delicious ice cream.

Brownice ice cream bowl, S$12.50 with 4 toppings (additional scoops at $1.50 each).

Brownice Mudpie, S$9.80.

Brownice pops, S$5.80.

Made-to-order Brownice ice cream cake (price and delivery available upon request).

2.     Their waffles (vegan!) are really delicious.

Brownice waffle with generous organic maple and chocolate syrup topping, S$3.50.

Brownice waffle with 2 scoops, S$9.

3.     All the food at Brownice are lovingly prepared from scratch.

Denise lovingly preparing our order.

And a plus point that sets them apart: they serve alkaline water, which is better for the body. 🙂

Don’t hesitate, head down to Brownice now!

P.S.: I recently introduced a fellow female blogger to Brownice. Read about what we did on our day out here.


4 thoughts on “Because ice cream makes you smile :)

  1. Brownice… Yummy!
    After my first trip there… I went with friends like 3 times a week… All my friends love the ice cream!
    When my teacher came to Singapore from Washington a few weeks ago… I offered to bring her for ice cream as the weather is too warm… She hesitated as she is Lactose intolerant…. I told her that the ice cream is vegan…. She happily accepted and enjoyed the sesame ice cream …. A few days later I bought three different tubs of ice cream….. French chocolate, Hazelnut Chocolate and Peanut Butter Caramel…. for her and my other American teacher. They love them all!
    Thank you! Brownice and Amanda!


    1. Thank you CC Ong for sharing your wonderful experience with Brownice. I’m glad so many people are enjoying it through your kind sharing! 🙂


    1. Hello Yin Lin, Brownice ice cream is really delicious. Lots of love goes into the making of it. Plus its guilt-free! 🙂 It can also be found at Real Foods and Loving Hut stores. Enjoy!



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