ACRES Gala Dinner 2012

I was invited by Denise of Brownice Ice Cream to have a girls’ night out at a gala dinner at Orchid Country Club. We only had to work at the last part serving the mudpies. This was my first time attending an event as a sponsor, enjoying the whole evening being served and eating – while getting paid! 😀

ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society, Singapore) have been in Singapore for 11 years already. It is a pioneering Singapore-based charity founded by Singaporeans in 2001 with the aim of promoting animal welfare.

As such, all the food served tonight is vegan. This made sense as ACRES should not be serving meat dishes when they are helping the animals. Thus, the main dishes were prepared by the Loving Hut crew in the kitchen while we sat outside and enjoyed the dinner.

ACRES Gala Dinner 2012 List

The first dish of Mixed Salad was efficiently served. Our table bonded over the salad when our extremely efficient server wanted to remove the dish only after the 8 of us took a serving each. And… we finished every single leaf piece!  The accompanying sauce for the salad was deliciously refreshing when taken together with the raisin and cashew nut.

Loving Hut Indian Spicy Soup

I can assure you, this soup was so well done, it was not spicy at all and the mock meat bits were tasty too. Our table of 8 (7 ladies) finished every single last drop!

I think it was at this point where I turned to Denise, and told her that this was the first time I attended a dinner event where I was not served a separate dish. It was a totally different experience that was so perfect. No need to worry that I will be served wrong food. Plus, I really appreciated that everyone at our table enjoyed the food too, with a no-food-wastage policy. My table mates rock.

And, I discovered later, that we were seated with members of the Cat Welfare Society! Check out their Facebook page here.

Loving Hut Nasi Goreng, Satay. Rendang, Achar (in clockwise)

This main dish was well received. The only spicy item was the Achar. I particularly like the Satay and had 2 sticks! 😉

Loving Hut Authentic Stuffed Tau Pok

All the dishes served so far were pleasing to my palate. Hence it was a bit of a disappointment when this dish was served as it tasted a tad dry. However, after chatting with the Loving Hut crew in the kitchen, Denise and I realized that it was because we did not pour the provided savory sauce in! What a pity as this dish is not on Loving Hut’s menu, so we were unable to head down to any of their outlets to retry the dish again.

Loving Hut Mei Chai Kou Rou Bun

This sauce for the Kou Rou (or meat) pieces was delicious! I devoured the bun within mere seconds. Unfortunately, I could not handle anymore bread, which explained why I did not take a second piece.

Then it was time for us to head to the kitchen for work! 🙂

While ACRES had their birthday cake cutting, Denise and myself were in the kitchen setting out the dessert plates, preparing for the mudpie serving in a few moments.

Fruits Platter from SunMoon

The Loving Hut crew specially served us a few pieces of the fruits as we will be missing dessert. How kind of them!

While waiting for the fruits to be brought out, I was observing the kitchen staff who were washing the used dishes. It was then I realized that they are really the unsung heroes who silently supported the smooth flow of operations of the kitchen while we (guests) just ate our food in a comfortable air-conditioned environment. I felt so fortunate and yet, extremely appreciative of their hard work behind-the-scenes.

Brownice Mudpies

These were some of the 271 mudpies that Denise loving prepared till 6am in the morning, sitting in the portable freezer, waiting to be served. Yum yum.

It was then we discovered that the plastic gloves that we brought for serving the mudpies disappeared – oh no!

Thankfully Denise brought a knife that was in a plastic bag. She took some cling wrap for her to use while I turned the plastic bag “inside out” for serving.

And the signal came for us to start serving.

It was madness!!

While Denise served the mudpies, I carried the many containers containing the mudpies to the table. We then decided that she will use the plastic bag (which will be faster) while I focused on carrying the mudpies and opening the containers.

At this point, all the operations crew boys decided to chip in to help us serve. They held 2 spoons together and served the mudpies from the container to the plates with skilful speed. Amazing!

When all the mudpies were finally served, Denise and I heaved a sigh of relief filled with accomplishment. It was a hectic 10mins but the teamwork between us was awesome! 😀

Then it was back to the ACRES lucky draw… and half (4 members) of our table won prizes! We concluded that it must be the result of our no food wastage policy.

I’m glad to have this opportunity to enjoy a scrumptious vegan dinner, being able to witness and experience behind-the-scenes in the kitchen.

It was a great learning experience that was thoroughly enjoyable.

A big thank you to Denise for inviting me for a wonderful girls’ night out on Saturday. 🙂


*ACRES has raised about S$81,000 in celebration of their 11th birthday. Do help them reach their target of S$100,000 for them to help as many animals as possible.

– Check out their Facebook page here and if you would like to make a donation, please head here.

* If you have missed out on the delicious vegan food, fret not!

– Check out Loving Hut’s website here for more information on their outlet locations. 

– Like Brownice’s Facebook page for the latest updates on available flavors in store. 


** Come back again soon for more cool stuff on SGVegan. Remember to enter your email address at the top-right corner of the page in the subscription field for the latest news on SGVegan to be delivered straight to your inbox. 🙂


4 thoughts on “ACRES Gala Dinner 2012

  1. ACRES is a great organisation. They do so much for animals, both wild animals and factory farmed animals. I like what ACRES says and does about being a voice for the voiceless animals.


    1. I agree Dr Jacobs. At least there is such an organisation in Singapore – which provides hope for the animals.



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