The Soup Spoon June 2012 Special – BCF Vegan Brown Rice Stew

Looking for a convenient and healthier meal option?

Introducing The Soup Spoon’s latest June special, BCF Vegan Brown Rice Stew.

Just in case you are unaware like me, BCF stands for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Soup Spoon does a great job every month, where they will come up with monthly specials of 3 Vegetarian choices and 3 meaty choices.

Here is their write up of the BCF Vegan Brown Rice Stew:

Vegetarian Choice 3 – BCF Vegan Brown Rice Stew (Vegetarian/Dairy free/Egg free/Gluten free) 173 Cal

With our partnership with BCF in mind, I have set out to create the perfect vegan soup that would encompass cancer fighting properties and healing properties, at the same time be exceptionally nutritious absolutely tasty. I knew I wanted a miso base, as it has been proven that one bowl of miso a day can drastically lower the risk of breast cancer. I then piled it with brown rice, soybeans, a little barley, mushrooms, spinach, a little of my favourite sweet potato and before I knew it, I had almost every vegetable I could get my hands on coming together in this wonderfully comforting stew.

I have been waiting with much anticipation since they announced that they were going to be offering this vegan soup in 27 April 2012 on their Facebook page.

Finally, when June came, I was able to enjoy this other vegan special from The Soup Spoon. And I enjoyed it! 🙂

In addition, The Soup Spoon also offers a vegan option on their regular menu: Roasted Pumpkin with Caramelized Apple & Toasted Almonds at just 130 Cal! I always request for more toasted almonds for the topping.

Plus, they have 3 bread roll options that are suitable for vegans: Herb Focaccia (my favorite!), Sundried Tomato with Olive and Sourdough.

I obtained this information by calling their office, and the guy on the line (Johan), was very forthcoming in sharing information about which items are vegan. He kept pulling out the files on his computer while we spoke to ensure that he is giving me the right information. This is so rare as usually most companies do not even have the knowledge of what constitutes a vegan. Johan was sharing with me that he believes that most vegans are vegans due to either religion or dietary concerns. I had a great chat with him. One thing he highly recommends was getting the Sourdough bread roll to go with any soup, as sourdough really whets one’s appetite, while the tomato bread roll may be too overpowering in taste. I shall be trying that the sourdough bread roll soon as I always go for the herb focaccia bread roll with my Roasted Pumpkin soup.


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