Introducing vegan pastry chef, photographer and blogger, Denise Hung

I think its weird that sometimes, vegans just tend to “click” with each other in our conversations even though we have barely just met!

I met Denise who is a vegan pastry chef, photographer and fellow blogger when she happened to find her way into Lush during the day I happened to be working.

Our conversation just flowed and we decided to exchange contacts with each other.

We then finally arranged to meet up where I introduced Denise to Real Food (at Killiney Road).

Having eaten at Real Food for quite a number of times already with friends who are not on any special diets, I was confident that Denise would definitely love the food and atmosphere there.

And since she is a photographer, here’s the shot that she took:

Doesn’t it look good? You can check out Denise’s post about her experience at Real Food here.

We had a great dinner that night where by a stroke of luck, we happened to share the same table with Neil, who is the organiser of The Singapore Vegetarian Meetup Group!

I will be blogging about the food me and my all my friends had so far at Real Food. Plus, a meat-lover (my friend’s sister) fell in love with a particular vegetarian dish that she said tasted like meat.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing vegan pastry chef, photographer and blogger, Denise Hung

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