SGVegan in Sydney!

Hello friends!

These few days have been hectic for me as I am busy planning for a trip to Sydney with my mum and a good friend. I will be in Sydney from 5-24 July so it will be quite a stay but a good break before I embark on my studies.

I am so excited as I will be meeting up with the friend who introduced me to veganism – Liam! šŸ˜€

It will be a really fun and exciting stay as I just got the great news that I will be staying with Liam and his family for 3 days before I have to move to the hotel. I can’t wait to meet Liam’s sweet dog, Daisy! šŸ™‚

As this is my first time in Sydney, I was just wondering if there are any vegan establishments (food/beauty/clothing/accessories) that are worthy for me to check out in Sydney? Also, how about any vegan establishments for Blue Mountains?

If time permits, I will blog while I am in Sydney too.

Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below. Alternatively, you may email me at too.

Thanks a bunch and I look forward to hearing from you! šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “SGVegan in Sydney!

  1. Hello Amanda, thought i’d help out a fellow Singaporean in your quest to track down vegan restaurants in Sydney. Here are a few established vegetarian places in metropolitan Sydney you can try..,

    Mother Chu’s 367 Pitt St, Sydney. Ph: 02 9283 2828
    Green Gourmet 115 King St, Newtown. Ph: 02 9519 5330
    Peace Harmony Vegetarian Thai Rest, 44 Earskine St, Sydney. Ph: 9262 2247

    If you have the time, in less than an hour’s train ride from Sydney City, you could go to John St, Cabramatta and along the popular shopping strip there you’ll find at least 4 vegetarian restaurants mostly of Vietnamese origin as Cabramatta is otherwise known as “little Vietnam”, and a rather interesting place to visit and soak in some culture.

    These places mentioned above are 100% veg restaurants serving Asian Cuisine, if you like to try modern western cuisine, I recommend Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant, 71 Evans St, Rozelle, Ph: 02 9818 4201.

    There are heaps more places but less established than the ones I’ve mentioned and always ring or checkout their website to enquire before showing up as often they’ve close down between visits as I’ve been caught out on numerous occasions.

    Another website source you could checkout is..,

    I’m not aware of any Vegetarian places in Blue Mountains other than one I only heard about last week that serve vegan pizza, its called Talisman Gallery and Pizza Cafe, call them on 02 6355 2056 to get details

    Hope this helps, enjoy Sydney…


    1. Hello Bernard!

      Thank you so much for your recommendations. šŸ™‚

      I have been staying with my vegan friend here (Liam Webb, who introduced me to veganism) and he is awesome! Liam introduced me to gluten-free, soy-free organic/natural vegan food here in Sydney and I must say, the food is really delicious!

      I’ve been to Green Gourmet for their vegan Chinese buffet and their raw cakes and desserts. Will definitely be doing a post of them soon!

      Also, for Mother Chu’s, my mum ate there 16 years ago and Mother Chu was able to still remember her group came by 16 years ago – isn’t it amazing?

      When I was travelling around with Liam, we used his iPad for HappyCow’s suggestions on vegan food.

      Iku is fantastic for eating in Sydney. Also, Funky Pies is a MUST GO when at Bondi Beach. Have you heard or eaten at these two establishments?

      Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for sharing! They are great suggestions and are much appreciated! šŸ™‚

      Amanda (in Blue Mountains)


      1. Hello again Amanda,

        Glad to have been of help, I’ve been enjoying the recent post of your encounters in Sydney.

        I moved to Sydney in 95′ and have been vegetarian since 94′. In the 1 year prior to moving, I had some of the best vegetarian food in Singapore, most of whom are no longer operational but delighted to discover that there are more vegetarian restaurant choices now and am currently making plans to visit Sg again with the family, now that lower cost fares are available with ‘Scoot’.

        Yes, I have tried those places you’ve recommended as I live in the local area of Bondi; think I must’ve been to most of the veg places in Sydney and just this week discovered another interesting one, an Organic/Raw Vegan Cafe that was off the beaten track in a cozy quiet spot next to a beer brewing factory where you could smell the waft of barley, malt and hops in the air. Coincidentally, the people sitting behind us when we visited were two Singaporean girls who were students at a nearby uni as I overheard their recognizable Singaporean accent; now, who would’ve thunk that?

        Since your friend Liam is into organic natural foods, perhaps I will make the recommendation.., Sadhana Kitchen 76A Wilford Street, Newtown, Ph: 02 9516 1334. Don’t forget to try their awesome vegan cakes to die for, enjoy…


      2. Hello there Bernard,

        Thanks for checking back and keeping me updated with awesome places to eat in Sydney. I’m so appreciative of that! šŸ™‚

        Unfortunately, I am back in Singapore already – Home Sweet Home, I presume hur?

        I flew to Sydney via Scoot. Was not too happy with their call center that was routed to Philippines. But the flights were a different story. It was very professionally done, almost like a normal airline except without food. Just make sure that your check-in luggage is within the weight limits. I hope you have a good time flying with Scoot. šŸ™‚

        Do let me know if you are swinging by SG and would love to meet. My email is I highly recommend Brownice Ice Cream as I was craving “authentic” ice cream – thick and creamy – but was not fully satisfied with the fluffy soy ice creams while in Sydney. Brownice is the one-and-only real ice cream deal that is vegan and, can only be found here in Singapore.



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