SGVegan in the Blue Mountains!

Its been 2 full days since I’ve been in the Blue Mountains in Katoomba, New South Wales.

I have been in Sydney for 10 days and 2 days in the Blue Mountains. Its a really wonderful vegan holiday.

Just wanted to share some thoughts here about Sydney. 🙂


Sydney is a vegan paradise with a lot of delicious vegan options available at convenient locations. All one simply needs to do is to log onto HappyCow to check out the places that are strictly vegan and gluten-free. HappyCow is more updated as compared to the one in Singapore and is a really handy guide if one has 3G network. Otherwise, do your homework first before coming over!

Since being in the Blue Mountains, the amazing thing I’ve learnt is that vegan options are more available in the mountain regions – most cafes and restaurants have a separate vegetarian and even, vegan items available on their menus. I heard from a waitress here that people who live in the mountains tend to be veg*ans!

In general, the most awesome thing is that everything is very well labelled on the menu here in Sydney. Vegan and gluten-free options can be easily pin-pointed on the menu without having to go through the lengthy Q&A session with the waiter/waitress who may be clueless about special options – yayyy!


I’m also blown away by the friendly-ness of the Sydneysiders, especially those in the mountain region. I had bus drivers who detoured a bit just so that they can drop us at our destinations – can you believe it!

And just yesterday, there was this rally going on in Katoomba, right in front of The Carrington Hotel by a group of people about “No Hunting in NSW National Parks”.

I later learnt that it was organised by the Blue Mountains Conservation Society. It was well organised and the person who was speaking had a sense of humor – haha!

Mother Nature-wise

The air is really crisp and fresh when out of Sydney CBD. When I was staying with my vegan friend, Liam for about 4 days at Balmain, the air was so fresh!

And here in the Blue Mountains, I just did some bush-walking and the flowers are really amazingly beautiful!

Here are just some shots that I took. Enjoy! 🙂


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