Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer Chrissie Hynde Shakes Things Up, VeganBurg Style


One of the most celebrated rockstars, Chrissie Hynde, went to VeganBurg’s spanking new 4th outlet in Singapore. Chrissie took a short break from her F1 race gig to shake things up at VeganBurg, where she had a taste of VeganBurg’s lip-smacking burgers. She visited all four VeganBurg outlets in Singapore where she sampled the menu.

Fresh from her Singapore Grand Prix performance, the singer-songwriter of the hits “I’ll Stand By You”, “Brass In Pocket”, “Don’t Get Me Wrong” and “Back On The Chain Gang” chilled at VeganBurg @ The Grandstand for lunch. Holding her favorite Cracked Pepper Mayo burger, Chrissie said “I’ve toured around the world with my band and always looking for the perfect burger. I finally found it at VeganBurg!”

“We think that Chrissie is the perfect personification of VeganBurg’s character and style. We’re all about great tasting burgers with a punch of rock and roll awesomeness. Edgy and straightforward – just like Chrissie.” said Alex Tan, VeganBurg’s founder.

Chrissie sat on the orange couch right beside the glass pane of the outlet. And boy, did she love the rock and roll vibe of the place! “The brand new eco-friendly fast food outlet combines a state-of-the-art industrial-safari themed interior design with biker style accents – perfect for rockstars and rockstars at heart. It’s an unbeatable combination!” said VeganBurg MarCom Warrior Katrina Lugartos. “On top of that, millions of people around the globe are embracing plant-based lifestyles in order to combat environmental destruction, or better their own health” she added. In addition to getting a healthy and yummy fast food meal, customers will also get a chance to swap their pre-loved toys that comes with a limited edition VeganBurg swap tag.

For more information on VeganBurg, please go to or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer Chrissie Hynde Shakes Things Up, VeganBurg Style

  1. being vegan is more than being concerned for the environment and health – veganism’s chief concern stems from the use, abuse and exploitation of animals!


  2. Great story! So glad Veganburg was able to connect with her. Chrissie is the third veg music hero to visit SG this year, after Morissey and Jason Mraz. She’s the one whose music I like best..
    Vegetarian Society handed out flyers at the first two people’s concerts but didn’t get it together for The Pretenders.


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