Vegan Sports Shoes! – Adidas by Stella McCartney

Hello there SGVegan readers! Its been a while since I’ve blogged and I truly apologize for the long hiatus! 😐 I am truly grateful for the continuous support I have been getting from you during this period by continuing to subscribe to my humble blog and dropping me emails. My apologies for not being able to reply to all of them. Hope you are all doing well! 😀

Recently, the sole of my 8+ years old sports shoe fell apart when I wore it for the first time in a long while. It was a good excuse 😳 to purchase a pair of sports shoes, haha! After much research, here’s the pair I bought:

Cacatua Runner, Adidas by Stella McCartney

It was not easy to search for a vegan sports shoes here in Singapore. I asked my SGVeganGrrrrls Kat and she suggested Adidas by Stella McCartney.

Having a rough idea of what the cost would be like, I decided to scour Queensway Shopping Center for this specific brand first.

It was a bad move.

Due to time constraints, I simply headed there and realized that no shops carried the shoes, except for one stall with a very limited apparel range of the Adidas by Stella McCartney.

Being nearby in the vicinity of IMM, I headed to the Adidas warehouse, and discovered 2 racks of the Stella McCartney apparel range. Prices were reasonable, and I bought a sports bra at $49.50 (usual $99).

The salesperson informed me that only the Vivocity and Suntec outlets carry the full range of Stella McCartney.

I was meeting a friend at Vivocity, so I popped by to have a look.

And ended up S$170.10 poorer.

I tried on the other designs and this caught my fancy:

Tucana Pack Away Textile

Unfortunately, its for indoor use, so the support is not very strong. This pair of shoes is called “Tucana Pack Away Textile” and retails for S$149 if I remembered correctly.

I was lucky the saleslady decided to bring out this last pair that was not on the rack. According to her, it was a popular design, and the last pair happened to be my size! 😆 Yayyy!

Presenting my… Cacatua Runner!

I especially love this part as I think its very slick:

Cacatua Runner logo

And the airy inner part:

Cacatua Runner inner part

Which makes use of OrthoLite technology, that…

Cacatua Runner OrthoLite technology

Being more ethically aware of the “ingredients” that go into the making of vegan sports shoes/apparel, and plus, the companies’ manufacturing processes and the supply chain, I wanted to get a pair of shoes that would reflect my ethical awareness of what goes into the making of the sports shoes I wear.

Yeah, not all sports shoes are vegan, even though they appear to be.

I discovered that even if the sports shoes do not contain leather material, the glue that is used may contain animal products and byproducts! 

My pair of Cacatua Runner shoes costs S$189. After a 10% discount for regular priced items, I ended up paying $170 for this pair of vegan shoes.

Many of my friends who hear about the price of my vegan sports shoes are shocked at the steep price. And I agree. My bank account has just taken a beating. 😐

So why did I still choose to get this pair of shoes?

green and eco-friendly concept green shoes

I think about it as making a more compassionate choice by choosing a product I wear, not just simply what I eat. Its like a non-food equivalent of the dairy industry. I want the people who made my shoes, to be able to enjoy their deserved human rights and labor practices.

Even though sports shoes may appear vegan, are in fact made of materials that are toxic to both humans and animals, and companies, through their environmentally destructive manufacturing and supply chain practices, are indirectly responsible for the destruction of wildlife habitats.

Unfortunately, the majority of us have been conditioned to only look at the sticker price of items and not at the real costs paid by the environment, the animals and our fellow human beings all over the world! 

What we don’t see, and does not affect us directly, we will adopt an indifferent attitude. I am trying to be more aware of the consequences of my actions and putting it into practice. And I just took a small step towards this goal. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Vegan Sports Shoes! – Adidas by Stella McCartney

    1. Hello Jefri!

      I wished glue is made from synthetic polymers as we are taught. Unfortunately, most glue used in the market are animal glue (made from the boiling animals cognitive tissue and bones) because it is apparently the best adhesive. 😦 I guess it’s due to the collagen.



      1. No problem Jefri! I got to know of this only recently! And more too. Shall update more soon!



  1. Hi Goddess, thanks for this great post and photos about Stella McCartney’s awesome vegan shoes. Are men’s versions available too? If you use twitter regularly, I’d be so honoured to connect with you there @NormanBuffong.


    1. Hello Norman,

      Unfortunately Adidas by Stella McCartney range is for women’s. You can consider looking at MacBeth range. They are 100% vegan. You might have to purchase them online as I do not know of any stores that bring in MacBeth locally. Hope it helps! 🙂



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