A fruitful Sydney trip! :)

Hello there my dearest readers!

I hope you have all been well, healthy and happy during this period which I have been away from blogging.

I have just got back from my 2nd trip to Sydney, Australia and I must say, I had the most awesome and fruitful trip this time round! 😀

First off, I was lucky to be there when it was feeding time for the 2 koalas who live at the entrance of Madame Tussauds at Darling Harbour when 2 huge bunches of eucalyptus shrubs were brought in for their feeding time. I was only there to walk around and it was by chance that I spotted them (after noticing a crowd taking photos of some trees/leaves) sleeping away hidden among the shrubbery. They woke up and became active, and one even posed for me!


Wow, the smell of eucalyptus filled the air as the koalas were munching away and it was very refreshing! Both the smell and the unique experience. I have no idea why koalas were located there but I supposed its due to the area being the location also for the Wild Life Sydney Zoo (I have no visited any attractions there!). However, it seems like the koalas are in good hands and I am glad!

Also, I finally did something that I’ve always wanted to do since last year when I went to the Jenolan Caves – Plughole Adventure Caving!! It was such a great great experience, highly highly recommended!!! 🙂

Here’s me in one of the super smallest holes:

SGVegan Plughole Adventure Caving

I was able to smile super brightly for the ONE photo cos I was slim enough to fit to the tiny opening. The guy before me had the toughest time ever fitting through (I was the last person of my party of 7) so I could see how his legs (and the rest of my group) struggled to find a grip/position as he was squeezing through.

Its a great experience going into a cave and “exploring” it on your hands and knees and bum, not having to worry about the cleanliness of overall as it will be washed! The only thing I was concerned about was my vegan Stella Mccartney shoes as I did not want to get them too dirty that I have to wash it. Thank goodness I was slim enough making it easier to maneuver for my legs/feet . HAHA.

And! The after effect of going caving is that you get a free hand-cial (like facial) and you get the smoothest silkiest skin ever on your hands after you wash away the dirt. I loved that feeling! Plus the fact that you get a free Certificate of Achievement.

However, none of those above beats the direct 1st hand experience of a pure complete 2 hours of simply going back to nature without any gadgets (I didn’t bother to bring a camera/phone with me for extra photos), crawling about with dim lighting on all fours, working in a team as we relay messages on how to move, personally experiencing complete darkness and silence in the cave (awesome) and that feeling of finally of coming out alive!~ ❤ How refreshing!! 🙂

Next up, more on some yummy vegan food/goodies! Anyone interested? Hee.


6 thoughts on “A fruitful Sydney trip! :)

    1. Hello cjoosten8!

      Great to hear that! You will enjoy Sydney. 🙂

      Oh, I have too many things I love to do in Sydney. However, spending a week in the Blue Mountains is one of the best part of my trip in Sydney! I wish I could be there longer. Whereabouts are your plans?



      1. Hey Amanda,

        We are flying into Cairns to stay with a friend who lives in Port Douglas at the beginning of Sept. From there we are traveling south and we don’t really have any set plans yet, but we’ll likely be looking for jobs in and around either Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. Either way we are likely going to spend a few weeks/months in Sydney and were just looking for cool things to do.

        Thanks for the reply!


      2. Hey Corey,

        My pleasure and hope I can be of help.

        I’ve not been to Melbourne, so I’ll just share a bit of what I know about Brisbane and Sydney.

        If you are a beach person, definitely do not miss the Gold Coast/Brisbane, it has the most wonderful sunsets. Also, you might want to cover Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Australia!

        For Sydney, a great recommendation for a getaway before you start working would be the Blue Mountains. If you can take a week or more off so you can cover most places at a leisurely pace. Its great for bushwalking.

        On one of the days, you have to head to Jenolan Caves and visit the most beautiful caves in the world. The Lucas Cave (beautiful sound system) and Orient Cave (top 10 in the World!) are the usual ones. I visited them last year. Hence, this year I went for the Plughole Adventure Caving! Definitely a must try. Awesome thing to do.

        You can consider staying at the Jenolan Caves for a night. One way to work everything out nicely into your schedule would be to go to the Trolley Shoppe at Katoomba (instead of the Blue Mountain Explorer Bus) as Trolley has a more extensive network of buses that go beyond Katoomba, Blue Mountains to even Wentworth Falls… Blackheath and a daily departure to Jenolan Caves! All inclusive in the ticket you purchase. Very worth it. Ask for Peter at the Trolley Shop for the best deals and mention me. He’ll remember me though he does not know I blog!

        I’ve always stayed at the Blue Mountains Backpacker Hostel for all my visits and its great. Great price (especially for an ensuite if you stay a week or more – just ask), and great place for cooking your own food!

        That’s about what I can recall from my memory, please do let me know how I can be of help!



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