Healthy Teeth! – by Vitamin, A KBS World Variety Show

I came across this Youtube video sometime at the end of July and it has been very informative to me on Tooth Health.

Vitamin (비타민), is a Korean variety show with English subtitles, made available by KBS World (an international television channel platform by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)).

Having healthy teeth is very important – they allow us to enjoy the huge variety of food available. Imagine not being able to eat crunchy food such as nuts. To me, its a horror!!

Hence, I decided to share this link with you, my readers, so that we can all enjoy healthy teeth even as we grow old. Plus, for those with kids, we can help them prevent facial deformity through small warning signs such as the way they breath during their sleep.


Hope it was enriching for you as it was for me – I learnt lots! 🙂

P.S.: I guarantee you that after watching this video, it will change the way you bursh your teeth. You’ll find more motivation to brush and floss due to an increased understanding why so. Also, do stay tuned for more information on how to reduce your daily sugar intake – we know sugar is bad for our teeth, but what about our health in general?


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