Organic vegan facial at Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals

Recently, I was contacted by a local holistic salon here in Singapore to try out their comprehensive range of 100% vegan and organic facial treatment.

After a series of emails with Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals, my skepticism regarding the vegan authenticity of their products disappeared after I checked out the in-depth details of the product.

The products are from a company that highly values the importance of ecology and ethical philosophy in the beauty industry. It is of 100% certified COSMEBIO natural organic origin (France), and even the packaging is biodegradable. Although COSMEBIO (the most demanding natural and organic standards for cosmetics) allows 5% of synthetic ingredients in the finished product, this product brand refuses to use this right, instead, adopting an even more vigorous standard of being 100% natural, thereby surpassing the required obligation.

In short, this product brand links both beauty and health, utilizing nature alone to provide efficient and effective cosmetics that are in harmony with the body and at the same time respecting mankind and the environment. WOW! This is exactly what I look out for when I purchase my products.


So what is so special about a salon offering organic facial here in Singapore?

Firstly, I have not come across any beauty salon here in Singapore that can guarantee with 100% certainty that all the products used in the facial are vegan (most do not even know the meaning of vegan!).

Secondly, the facial therapists are very knowledgeable about the product range and are really sincere in their explanations of the product range, relating them to our health. (Unlike other salons who just push you to sign packages to improve your skin appearance without relating it to your health.)

Lastly, the price is affordable. While you may think that an organic vegan facial is going to be expensive, in fact, at Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals, they have kept the package price very reasonable (as compared to other bigger names in the market, so you get an organic facial for a better rate!).

Besides the 3 top reasons above, Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals is the ONLY salon here in Singapore that carries the full range of this vegan cruelty-free organic product range suitable for all skin types (even men)!

SGVegan_Vegan Range

Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals has 2 outlets, located at Orchard Plaza (next to OG Orchard) and another bigger outlet opposite 112 Katong Mall.

My 1st and 2nd visit were to the Orchard outlet. It was relatively easy to find. The Orchard outlet, is really convenient for me as I live in the West. Although it looks small from the outside, the 2 treatment rooms are really spacious and cozy. Upon entering the room, the atmosphere is almost as if one has just stepped into another world, away from the hustle and bustle of busy life.

SGVegan_Orchard outlet atmosphere

SGVegan_Orchard outlet room

For my 1st visit, Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals recommended me to do a balancing care facial, also known as Equilibre for balancing the skin’s pH, before we move on to tackle my uneven skin tone and dehydrated skin.

So here I am all “dressed up” for the facial:

SGVegan_Before Equilibre

And here are the Equilibre items that were used in the facial:

SGVegan_Balancing Care Equilibre

During the facial, the therapist explained about the benefits of using organic products for a facial, not just simply for the customer but also for the therapist. Since there are no preservatives and no parabens in this product, it is also very good for the therapist (besides the customer) as they do not absorb the chemicals through the skin on their hands when they conduct facials for customers. All the therapists who conduct the organic facials for me always sound sincerely happy about this aspect and the energy during the facial sessions is so good, so positive!

There was not much extraction done as according to the product brand, since it is from France, extraction is not required. However, Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals does a simple and quick extraction before placing the mask on my face, and letting me rest.

I felt so comfortable from the positive soothing energy in the room that I dozed off.

After some time, I felt a slow gentle pressure on my shoulder blades and a soothing voice that tells me that she is going to remove the mask for me.

This did not only just happen in one session, but for all the sessions I undertook with Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals with different therapists.

I was very impressed.

Usually for my (other/previous) facial treatments, the therapist would enter and leave the room while making some noise, thus waking you up. Otherwise, they will just remove the mask from your face while simultaneously announcing that fact. Which can be a little bit of a shock since you are in a slumber. On the other hand, Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals therapists move gracefully as they enter and exit the room without any sound, and gently wake you up from your slumber.

So here I am after the Equilibre facial:

SGVegan_After Equilibria

Initially my face was very oily right after the Equilibre facial. However, after 1 day, the oilyness disappeared and in fact, I felt my face was more balanced in hydration, unlike previously where my T-zone is oily and cheeks dry. I have combination skin where the inner dermal layers are oily and the upper skin layers are dry, making it tough for me to get products that are suitable for my skin.

So after the balancing care facial, my 2nd session at Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals was targeted at my uneven skin tone as somehow, the skin on my forehead and neck are darker than my face.

The Energie Vitale facial is specially for my uneven skin tone and combination skin:

SGVegan_Vital Energy Care

I was stunned after the treatment as somehow, my skin became so radiant, like there was an inner shine coming from within my skin. Even the therapist was amazed at the absorption rate of the product and the immediate brightening result in my skin. This was achieved amazingly by the use of the 100% natural organic ingredients in the product.

Over the next few days, I felt that my skin was less dry on the surface, and somehow my face started to look better under intense lighting as the uneven skin tone is not that obvious.

During this 2nd session, I also had a hair tonic (of the same product range) added to my scalp that showed visible results the next day – I was surprised to notice a bit more baby hair at my hair line! 🙂


Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals has a special deal for all SGVegan readers! Simply quote “Amanda from SGVegan” to get entitled to 5% off all organic products. In addition to a complimentary skincare consultation, SGVegan readers also get 5% off on purchase of organic treatments with free crystal therapy (worth $38)!

Who says facial treatments are only for the fairer sex? In fact, Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals welcomes both sexes, where there are special rooms for our male guests! 🙂 (photo of the Katong outlet)

SGVegan_103 Katong Outlet

So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals now! 🙂

Crystal Maiden:
6 Jan 2016 Update: With effect from 21 Dec 2015, Absolute Aesthetique Pte Ltd has taken over Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals. The new address for customers to head to is:
190 Clemenceau Avenue
#03-21 S(239924)
Singapore Shopping Centre
Tel:6336 2883/6198
Quote “Crystal Maiden” when calling. Absolute Aesthetique will deliver all treatments and packages that were signed under Crystal Maiden.
27 Oct 2015 Update: Crystal Maiden has since shifted to their new location @
1 Coleman Street, The Aldephi
#03-52 Singapore 179803
150 Orchard Road
Orchard Plaza
#02-23 Singapore 238841
Tel: 6735 4540 / 9092 2807 (SMS)


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