O’right, the world’s first carbon neutral shampoo that grows into a tree

It seems like a dream. An eco-friendly dream, where after washing and treating your hair, you can plant the empty bottle and its packaging and a beautiful tree will grow.

Well, imagine no more.

O’right is a professional hair care brand develops, produces, and distributes a series of natural, pure and eco-friendly products.


In 2002, O’right was founded in Taiwan. O’right is a company that is committed to being at the forefront of being a green company with green manufacturing practices that are sustainable to our environment. O’right is also the first hair care company to be certified as “Carbon Neutral” under PAS2060; using ECOCERT, USDA organic and the most natural ingredients; printing with soy ink on their packaging and utilizing recycled materials wherever possible.

So what else is so special about O’right?

Although they are the most eco-friendly and carbon-neutral green company, I was impressed that the bottle of shampoo can be planted and grown into a tree.

Now that is an amazing pioneering concept that caught my attention.

SGVegan_O'right Tree-in-the-bottle Green Tea

As the name suggests, O’right’s “Tree in a bottle” is made by fruit, plant, and vegetable waste processed into a plastic-like starch through fermenting, dehydrating and polymerizing.

A year after burying it into soil, the bottle will be fully biodegraded so everything goes back to Mother Nature. This adds little or no environmental burden because it can significantly reduce energy consumption during the usage and recycling of products.

So basically, the contents of the bottle are from nature, being made from natural and organic ingredients without environmental hormones, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, DEA or artificial colourants. And when you have finished the contents, the bottle can be biodegraded into a high-nutrient fertilizer to nurture seeds in the bottle to grow into a tree.

As a vegan in Singapore who is also eco-conscious, I want to use products that are environmentally-friendly yet at the same time, help me with strengthening and voluminous my tresses so that they look healthier, since I am promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Not many salons in Singapore are as eco-conscious like The Organic Hair Professional, carrying the whole range of O’right products with vegan ammonia and paraben free hair dye.

Yvonne, the marketing manager of A-Vinz Pte Ltd, which is the exclusive distributor of O’right in Singapore was going to send me 2 products specially targeted for my fine hair – the Goji Berry shampoo and hair cream. Unfortunately the Goji Berry shampoo was out of stock hence, she sent me the Green Tea shampoo which works just as well for fine hair and it refreshes the scalp.

SGVegan_O'right Tree-in-the-bottle Green Tea Shampoo

SGVegan_O'right Tree-in-the-bottle Green Tea Ingredients

Green Tea Shampoo
90% Natural Ingredients|For normal to slightly damaged hair
With green tea extract and mild certified organic foaming agents, it is an excellent antioxidant, promotes hair and scalp condition, refreshes scalp and keeps it healthy.

Tree-in-a-bottle (250ml) retails at SGD34

The color of the shampoo is pale yellow in color as seen through the bottle due to the green tea:

SGVegan_O'right Green Tea shampoo color

After the shampoo, I would towel dry my hair and apply the Goji Berry hair cream before blow drying my hair.

There is no conditioner in the Goji Berry range as according to Yvonne, as a conditioner tends to weigh down flat/thin hair.

SGVegan_O'right Goji Berry Hair Cream bottle

SGVegan_O'right Goji Berry Hair Cream Ingredients

Goji Berry Volumizing Hair Cream
For fine and limp hair | 88% Natural Ingredients
With certified organic Goji Berry extract and botanical bouffant factors, Volumizing Hair Cream supports hair roots and makes hair bouffant, thicker and fuller.

Directions: Wipe dry your hair after shampoo, apply onto hair and roots evenly, blow dry and style your hair directly.

Retail price: SGD40

For my short hair, I use exactly 1 pump:

SGVegan_O'right Goji Berry Hair Cream

And then I blow dry my hair. This is me after the 1st use:

SGVegan_after first use

I have been diligently using O’right for the past month. Everything has been O’right. 🙂

So what do I think about the 2 products – Green Tea-in-a-bottle and Goji Berry Volumizing Hair Cream?

Firstly, I enjoy using the products. They smell good. And every shower I take I am assured that it is a cruelty-free experience, good for the environment and living beings.

Secondly, I cut down on my shower time and amount of water used. Which saves $, time and is good for the environment. This is due to the hair cream which replaces the conditioner.

Lastly, I had to opportunity to have a hair/scalp analysis done somewhere else. The result was that both my scalp and hair texture were normal, while my hair follicle condition is moderate. There were some baby hairs growing even though my hair texture was fine. This proves that the products really deliver!

Most importantly, my philosophy lies exactly in line with Organic Hair Professional – that beautiful hair can be achieved with a healthier lifestyle through the use of organic products. I believe that there will soon be a paradigm shift in consumer preferences as more and more people become aware to this fact. And I wish to help spread the word too also to the community, starting from you, my readers. Let’s make our world a greener place, suitable for our children to live in.

SGVegan_O'right ecofriendly manufacturing

SGVegan readers might like to try out the O’right Scalp Exfoliating Spa at all Organic Hair Professional branches at a trial price of $68 nett.

It is a six-step scalp treatment essential for healthy scalp and hair growth:

Step 1: Exfoliation with Pear Wood Exfoliating Gel
Step 2: Cleanse with Tea Tree Shampoo
Step 3: Condition with Tea Tree Conditioner
Step 4: Treatment with Cooling Refreshing Scalp Spray
Step 5: Treatment with Hair Tonic
Step 6: Massage on the neck with Lemongrass Massage Oil

SGVegan_The Organic Hair Salon Singapore

So what are you waiting for? Head down to The Organic Hair Professional salon pick up your bottle of carbon neutral shampoo that grows into a tree! 😉


5 thoughts on “O’right, the world’s first carbon neutral shampoo that grows into a tree

  1. Sensitive scalps, should avoid sodium laureth sulfate or any other harsh like lauryl sulfate. If it is too drying when you wash your hands with the shampoo, then dont use it on your sensitive scalp.


  2. Good site you’ve got here.. Its difficult to find high quality writing like yours these days. I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!


  3. Wow your hair really looks very healthy and shiny after using O’right shampoo for a month 🙂 I have been using baby shampoo to reduce the number of chemicals ingested in my body. Perhaps I could try this 🙂


    1. Hey Angela!

      Actually the photo was taken immediately right after the first use. It has remained as shiny even after continuous usage.

      Ah, not all baby shampoos are lower in chemicals. Most importantly, always read the ingredients. In fact, it is a common misconception that using baby shampoo/products means lesser chemicals. A study has recently found that it could be in fact, a more harmful chemical used. Such as a numbing agent so that there is no tears for the baby.

      If you do have a sensitive skin/scalp, it would be better if you head down to the store to see the range of products for yourself that are more suitable for sensitive scalps.

      Let me know how it goes 🙂



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