Introducing 2 new burgers at VeganBurg

Recently, VeganBurg, the world’s first-ever vegan fast food chain homegrown in Singapore, launched 2 burgers.

I was invited to swing by VeganBurg to try out these new burgers:

SGVegan_Tangy Tartar

Tangy Tartar used to be on the menu, was taken off and recently hit the menu again with a brand new, less “sour-ish” taste.

Personally I love the fact that this burger contains alfafa sprouts in addition to the lettuce, which makes it a much healthier burger. I don’t really like eating alfafa sprouts by itself, so I usually pair it in a burger form. For example, when I am at home, my alfafa sprouts go onto fresh avocado topped toasted bread – yum!

SGVegan_Tangy Tartar Bitten

So biting into the Tangy Tartar reminds me how VeganBurg really puts a lot of effort into the R&D, making burgers taste better without compromising on the health aspect!

Next up is the brand NEW addition to the menu – introducing the Roxy Aioli burger!

SGVegan_Roxy Aioli

When I first heard about the Roxy Aioli, and that it uses garlic as its sauce, I was a bit apprehensive, since I thought that the “garlicky” sauce would be overwhelming for me as I usually do not take onion and garlic.

First bite into the burger and I was taken aback by surprise – it was only a slight tinge of “garlic-ness” but this garlic taste was balanced off nicely with the slice of tomato that was in the burger.

SGVegan_Roxy Aioli Bitten


The Roxy Aioli burger is now my new favorite burger, and I believe it can beat the all time highly popular Cracked Pepper Mayo burger. Haha!

Both the Tangy Tartar and Roxy Aioli burgers are now available in VeganBurg for a limited period. For more information on the inspiration behind VeganBurg’s fast food revolution, read my previous blogpost here.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing 2 new burgers at VeganBurg

  1. Thanks for introducing these two burgers choices, glad to know that Veganburg is constantly innovating its menu, which means more choices for consumers like us 🙂 Wow, Roxy Aioli sounds quite a mouthful! Is there an origin behind the name?


    1. Hey Angela,

      Yupp, you are right. Here is the reason as provided by VeganBurg:

      Roxy is actually a rollerblader term back in the 70’s. And since the burger is launched because of Starlight Express (a theatrical play where actors use rollerblades), we named it Roxy Aioli.



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