Introducing 2 new burgers at VeganBurg

Recently, VeganBurg, the world’s first-ever vegan fast food chain homegrown in Singapore, launched 2 burgers.

I was invited to swing by VeganBurg to try out these new burgers:

SGVegan_Tangy Tartar

Tangy Tartar used to be on the menu, was taken off and recently hit the menu again with a brand new, less “sour-ish” taste.

Personally I love the fact that this burger contains alfafa sprouts in addition to the lettuce, which makes it a much healthier burger. I don’t really like eating alfafa sprouts by itself, so I usually pair it in a burger form. For example, when I am at home, my alfafa sprouts go onto fresh avocado topped toasted bread – yum!

SGVegan_Tangy Tartar Bitten

So biting into the Tangy Tartar reminds me how VeganBurg really puts a lot of effort into the R&D, making burgers taste better without compromising on the health aspect!

Next up is the brand NEW addition to the menu – introducing the Roxy Aioli burger!

SGVegan_Roxy Aioli

When I first heard about the Roxy Aioli, and that it uses garlic as its sauce, I was a bit apprehensive, since I thought that the “garlicky” sauce would be overwhelming for me as I usually do not take onion and garlic.

First bite into the burger and I was taken aback by surprise – it was only a slight tinge of “garlic-ness” but this garlic taste was balanced off nicely with the slice of tomato that was in the burger.

SGVegan_Roxy Aioli Bitten


The Roxy Aioli burger is now my new favorite burger, and I believe it can beat the all time highly popular Cracked Pepper Mayo burger. Haha!

Both the Tangy Tartar and Roxy Aioli burgers are now available in VeganBurg for a limited period. For more information on the inspiration behind VeganBurg’s fast food revolution, read my previous blogpost here.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing 2 new burgers at VeganBurg

  1. Thanks for introducing these two burgers choices, glad to know that Veganburg is constantly innovating its menu, which means more choices for consumers like us πŸ™‚ Wow, Roxy Aioli sounds quite a mouthful! Is there an origin behind the name?


    1. Hey Angela,

      Yupp, you are right. Here is the reason as provided by VeganBurg:

      Roxy is actually a rollerblader term back in the 70’s. And since the burger is launched because of Starlight Express (a theatrical play where actors use rollerblades), we named it Roxy Aioli.



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