Mid World SGVegan Month 2013

Its been a crazy week and I have not been able to publish any blogpost since the start of November.

As most of you may have known by now, November is World Vegan Month.

Its been a crazy busy month but I am so glad because… I have managed to get my hands on some GREAT deals for you, my readers. So stay tuned to SGVegan (and the awesome deals) by subscribing with your email at the top right corner of the blog. 🙂

So what have I been up to these days?

I’ve had an enjoyable facial experience at Pure Tincture Face Boutique, Simple Organic Beauty, where I learnt more about the products and services offered from Helen. Stay tuned for my reviews on the facial, and the products after I’ve tried them: Suntegrity Skincare Sunscreen (the best ever!) and SUKI Clinically Proven Natural Solutions.

SGVegan_Pure Tincture

And, the time was finally right for me to meet Adeline of LINS Smoodees, Lovingly Infused with Nature’s Sweetness. For the many of you who have not tried LINS Smoodees, it is a green smoothie made up of fresh living organic greens, whole fruits, herbs and seeds/nuts using filtered alkaline water. I brought LINS Smoodees for the Vegan Potluck event organized by Sonal on World Vegan Day (1 Nov) and received positive feedback from many who tried it for the first time on how good it tastes! 🙂

SGVegan_World Vegan Day 2013

In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to meet the lovely Esther from Orevo Asia Pte Ltd, who is the official distributor of the full range of Stephen James Organics products. For those of you who are on my Facebook, I’ve tried the Apple Pie and Beauty Mini Bars, which are handmade from raw, pre-sprouted organic ingredients and have been raving about the Apple Pie bar. I can’t wait to the the other remaining 4 flavors of the energy bars. I’ve also been sharing about the 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt, which contains 73 minerals and makes my food taste so good. There will also be a review coming up soon!

SGVegan_Stephen James Beauty Mini Bar

Just 5 days back, I’ve finally received the vegan friendly Organic Iron Boost supplements from Star Formulations in Australia. Julie was so kind to send me 2 bottles via overseas shipping for me to try and review as she promised me sometime back in late August. Imagine the pleasant surprise I received when I got the package. I can’t wait to try them out!

SGVegan_Organic Iron Boost

In addition, for the very first time in my life I feel ladylike with my beautiful, healthy, cruelty free nails courtesy of Zi from AUUM – the honest nail spa. Suitable for all, even children and expecting mothers with the highest standard of hygiene not found in your typical nail spa, I dare say its Singapore’s first ever vegan cruelty free nail spa!

SGVegan_AUUM the honest nail spa

Last but not least, SGVegan successfully organized, together with Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals, an organic spa party on 16 Nov 2013. It was a small but heart-warming turnout, with delicious green smoothies courtesy of LINS Smoodees where everyone, including the staff went for second and even, third helpings till we ran out of green fuel. Attendees also got to enjoy a lunchbox set from VeganBurg specially delivered by the VeganBurg team with lots of love. We had heart-warming conversations in an intimate setting (ooooooo…..), and met and made new friends.

Crystal Maiden made the effort to prepare eco-friendly goodie bags for this event, and SGVegan provided Brownice 1-for-1 ice cream vouchers courtesy of Denise.

A lucky draw was conducted and the winners of the lucky draw prizes are:

  1. Aaron Tan : Organic Lip Balm, Eye Care Kit, 3x Organic Crystal Treatment
  2. Amanda Ho: Organic Lip Balm, 2x Organic Crystal Treatment
  3. Lai Yoke Lin: Organic Lip Balm, 1x Organic Crystal Treatment

Thank you to those of you who came down and supported this event. 🙂

Do stay tuned for more reviews and awesome giveaways coming up! ^^


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