Zhen Zhen Maté Tea – Improve SEX (Sleep, Energetic, eXcretion)

Zhen Zhen Maté Tea is the latest health offering by Zhen Zhen Herbal Tea Pte Ltd (Zhen Zhen), an established TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) company that has been around since 1935. A member of the Wen Ken Group of companies, Zhen Zhen is most famous for its flagship Chinese herbal tea products – Zhen Zhen Hao Cooling Tea and Zhen Zhen Hao Fever & Flu Tea. What is interesting, however, is that Zhen Zhen Maté Tea is not of Chinese but South American Origin.

SGVegan_Zhen Zhen Mate Tea Packet

What is Maté Tea?

The leaves of the Maté Tea are sourced from the Maté tree, which is a native plant grown and processed in South America – mainly in Northern Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Southern Brazil. Hailed for its delightful fragrance and numerous proven health benefits, Maté Tea enjoys a celebrated status and is a national drink in many of these South American States.

SGVegan_Zhen Zhen Mate Tea

Zhen Zhen Maté Tea contains:

  • 196 active compounds
  • 24 essential vitamins and minerals
  • 15 types of amino acids
  • 11 types of polyphenols (antioxidants)

Maté Tea is a healthier caffeinated beverage, working as a natural stimulant for the central nervous system.

Sleep – induces better sleep cycles

Containing natural caffeine content that is evenly balanced out by its other chemical constituents so that an adequate consumption of Zhen Zhen Maté Tea can help to invigorate, and enhance your mental clarity without all those infamous side effects usually associated with caffeine, such as headache, palpations and even sleeplessness!

Energetic – increases metabolism & supports weight loss

The active compounds in the tea will enable the body to burn more calories (YEAH!) by maintaining the aerobic breakdown of carbohydrates for long periods of time. This increase in cardiac efficiency delays the build-up of lactic acid, and also aids in reducing fat accumulation. Zhen Zhen Maté Tea is great for providing the boost in the form of shaking off post-lunch lethargy and also, expanding energy while working out!

eXecretion – supports healthy cholesterol level, detoxifies & promotes radiant skin

Apart from strengthening your immune system and inducing better blood circulation, Zhen Zhen Maté Tea is able to stimulate bile flow and enhance intestinal transit, hence improving overall digestive health and bowel movement.

So that’s what the SEX stand for, folks!

Zhen Zhen Maté Tea is packed and quality-controlled in Singapore. To retain freshness, Zhen Zhen Maté Tea comes in individual sachets locked in a convenient, resealable pouch bag.


I’ve tried the tea and find that it really helps with the post-lunch lethargy, as I do not feel that sleepy after having the tea. However, when I first opened the tea packet, I tore the teabag, as it was too close to the aluminium foil sachet. It is recommended to shake the sachet before tearing it open. But otherwise I just merely twisted the teabag before placing it in my cup. The tea leaves didn’t escape out. 🙂

Just take note that the tea bag can only be used once as reusing them, the tea taste was not that strong. It’s recommended to add about 200mL of hot water to the teabag. In addition, take note that the temperate of the hot water is around 80 degrees Celsius, to prevent destroying of the nutrients and let it steep for about 5 mins before consuming. I personally love the natural taste of the tea without the addition of any other ingredients such as sugar, milk, honey and/or lemon.

Zhen Zhen Maté Tea is available at this this online platform: www.imart.com.sg

There is a promotion ongoing now, where…

3 packs of Zhen Zhen Maté Tea (3x 18’s x 2gram) is now going for S$18.80. That’s a savings of 16.44%! 🙂


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