[Pure Tincture] Simple Organic Beauty with suki® skin care

SGVegan_Pure Tincture

Tucked away in a corner of the basement of The Adelphi, Pure Tincture is an extremely pleasant place to be in. A wide range of premium clean and effective organic skin care products and treatments are made available under-one-roof as Pure Tincture is Singapore’s distributor of premier natural, pure and organic skin care. In addition, Pure Tincture is a provider of related beauty services using these high-quality, premier skin care solutions.

Suitable for both sexes, Pure Tincture has won numerous awards such as Harper Bazaar Beauty & Simply Her Award Winner since beginning in 2005. It is well known for its organic skin care products which are great for sensitive skins with all natural ingredients!

Pure Tincture sources for skin care products from all over the world. Only when the products passes their stringent criteria are they then imported and carried by Pure Tincture.

While from the outside, some may get the impression it is an art gallery due to the large amount of frames hanging, upon entering, one just feels immediately at peace and ease. The environment is peaceful and the scent that hits your nose is soothing.

The scent is due to the essential oils released by the natural aroma sachet found at this shelf on your left:

SGVegan_Pure Tincture 1

Also note the range of essential oils…

Just ahead of you, there is a make up corner that’s just so inviting, making you want unleash the inner child in you to go over and play with the range of eye shadow colors:

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Makeup play area

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Makeup play area zoom

And walking just a few steps inner, on your left, you can sit at the sofa while sipping a cup of ginger tea and slowly browsing through the amazing range of skin care products available.

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Products

You’ll definitely notice the number of awards as displayed on the top of the shelves:

SGVegan_Pure Tincture 2

SGVegan_Pure Tincture 3

And a book which you can slowly browse through for the treatments available, if you’ve not done so online…

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Treatments

I flipped open the cover and this is what I read:

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Philosophy

I especially love the part where “We strive to give what we wish to receive ourselves”. For those of you who have interacted with me before offline, this is exactly my own personal philosophy. I have perviously blogged about removing sugar from my diet since July and I dare say, I am still doing well without those sugary drinks even till today (yayy). Which was why I only decided to turn up for the World Vegan Day potluck dinner when I could bring healthy green smoothies from LINS Smoodees instead of supermarket bought (cheap) sugary laden drinks.

As part of the series of blog reviews of products from Pure Tincture, the focus today will be on the range of skin care products from suki® skin care. Do take note that suki® skin care is from USA while Sukin (commonly available in Watsons etc) is from Australia.

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Sukiface

Here’s the suki® skin care range available in Pure Tincture:

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Sukiface 1

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Sukiface 2

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Sukiface 3

As you can see from the images, the products come in a variety of sizes, from travel sized for those who wish to try them out first before committing to purchasing the full sized product.

What I really love about the suki® skin care range is that the products, such as the toners and moisturizers, come in glass containers. Yes, even those travel sized ones. Which is really good for storing the product and yet, does not shatter even when dropped.

Pure Tincture has 2 facial rooms – one for suki® skin care products facial and the other for OSEA facial (more about this in a separate blogpost).

Helen applies her pilates knowledge, ensuring that a small cushion is placed below your lower calves during the facial, so that due to the slight angled prop, customers do not get pins and needles as blood is circulating well. I thought it was nothing but after trying out the facial, this small gesture really makes a whole world of a difference!

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Spa Room 1

Thank you mini bolster 🙂

And at a corner of the room, you get a stool to place your bag and clothes on, together with a brush and mirror that’s supplied.

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Spa Room 2

Ladies, I would highly suggest bringing your own brush as its definitely more hygienic and you’re more comfortable using your own. 🙂

So the facial commenced…


What was unique about the suki® facial at Pure Tincture is that the facial encompasses elements of aromatherapy, making full use of the natural essential oils present already in the products.

If you’re a person looking for a relaxing facial experience while fully engaging the senses, you must definitely try out the facial treatments at Pure Tincture. (Read on more for a special deal for SGVegan readers)

So after the facial, I got served another cup of ginger tea. Sipping the tea while slowly browsing through the product ranges, I felt surreal and calm.

Helen then passed me some products to try out at home. It was not easy as not all the products from the suki® skin care range are vegan due to the presence of cera alba, which is beeswax. To work around the issue, instead of passing me the travel set package, Helen gave me sample size packets of suki® skin care to try out for 2 weeks on my skin to see the effect.

I’m a minimalist person. And it was interesting to try out a morning (AM) and night (PM) skin care regime.

Here’s the AM ones…

  1. Creamy foaming cleanser: http://sukiskincare.com/products/creamy-foaming-cleanser.html
  2. Concentrated Nourishing Toner: http://sukiskincare.com/products/to%252dgo-concentrated-nourishing-toner.html
  3. Concentrated Nourishing Cream: http://sukiskincare.com/products/to%252dgo-intensive-nourishing-cream.html
  4. Suntegrity Sunscreen (Review coming up!)

Do take note that the #3 which is the moisturizing cream contains cera alba (beeswax), which cannot be helped for this product review as the moisturizers all contain beeswax. I tried the cream for the purpose of this review as a skin care set. However, for my own long term use, I would definitely recommend using another vegan brand to substitute. 🙂 Otherwise, suki® skin care has vegan tinted active moisturizer under sukicolor®. That aside, I will highlight those products I find extremely useful that I particularly love from suki® skin care range further below.


The PM range:

  1. Exfoliate foaming cleanser: http://sukiskincare.com/products/to%252dgo-exfoliate-foaming-cleanser.html
  2. Concentrated Nourishing Toner: http://sukiskincare.com/products/to%252dgo-concentrated-nourishing-toner.html
  3. Pure facial moisture – nourishing (dry skin) or balancing (not shown, oily skin): http://sukiskincare.com/products/pure-facial-moisture-%252d-nourishing.html or http://sukiskincare.com/products/pure-facial-moisture-%252d-balancing.html
  4. Targeted bio-brightening face serum: http://sukiskincare.com/products/targeted-bio%252dbrightening-face-serum.html


My very own personal favorite is the PM range. They are vegan. Even though exfoliating every night may seem a lot, what I do is that I take a small amount, slowly rub between my hands to dissolve the sugar, and then use it on my face. That way, it is not that rough on my skin.

The concentrated nourishing toner is my current favorite toner with shiitake + olive leaf extracts. Smells great too. I used up 2 travel sized bottles for this 2 week review. Helen specially sent me the 2nd bottle when she heard I was running low on toner.

I highly highly recommend the pure facial moisture – nourishing and the targeted bio-brightening face serum. The pure facial moisture – nourishing contains organic carrot + evening primrose while the targeted bio-brightening face serum contains songyi mushroom + licorice root. I found that the targeted bio-brightening face serum really does “fights against the appearance of discoloration, spots & redness, reducing dark spots, circles & scars” as it claims. On the other hand, the pure facial moisture – nourishing oil really “helps firm, promote
elasticity & reduce signs deep lines & premature aging,  moisturizing without clogging pores or a greasy feel. use at night & awaken to beautifully hydrated, healthier skin”.

I wake up every morning feeling my skin hydrated and even through the day, it is not as dry as before. I think it really acts in this manner as the website image shows…from inside out.


Now just for a compare and contrast after 2 weeks. Taken with my phone’s front camera, so pardon the difference in lighting… I made sure to wear the same t-shirt.

SGVegan_suki review

Personally, I find my skin more hydrated and youthful after using suki® skin care for 2 weeks. No more mid-day dryness. I really believe the PM regime is very useful for skin like mine, that is dry on the surface but oily below (internal).

Here’s me with Helen after the facial. I edited the color contrast as I wanted it to show the typical skin color instead of being enhanced by the yellowish tinge from the lighting.

SGVegan_Pure Tincture with Helen

So as promised, here’s a special treat for SGVegan readers: A facial at 30% off!
*Valid till 28 Feb 2014

Simply email in to Pure Tincture Customer Service at cs@puretincture.com to schedule your appointment. Or you can simply give them a ring at 6337 6411. Make sure to quote “SGVegan” to be entitled to 30% off your facial.

Have an soothing aromatic facial 🙂

Pure Tincture is located at:
1 Coleman Street The Adelphi #B1-10
Singapore 179803
(Go down the steps, left of the bridal store.)


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