[LINS Smoodees] Blendtec Roadshow at Chevron House

Have you heard of BYO? Its not Bring Your Own Bag but Blend Your Own! Always good to have a green smoothie everyday. 🙂

As part of LINS Smoodees BYO Series, they are partnering Nature’s Glory to showcase the awesome high horse-powered Blendtec blender at Chevron House from Mon to Wed (2 to 4 Dec) next week. So if you work in the Raffles Place area, come on down to the roadshow from 9am to 6.30pm daily. You will get to sample awesome smoothies and juices…plus more!


I’ve just been informed of the below fantastic offer of AT LEAST $400 during these 3 days:

  • 1 x Twister Jar worth $195
  • Nature’s Glory Organic Grocery vouchers worth $100
  • Dr Bronner’s baby mild soap (2oz bottle)
  • $100 discount off Blendtec blender

And…a referral scheme of $150 cash back per customer referred. 

So what are you waiting for? No more hesitation. This is the best time for you to get your hands on a Blendtec now! 🙂


Author: amandateng

I blog about Healthy Living in Singapore.

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