[Sole Superior] A Sneaker/Streetwear Convention for Sneaker lovers by Sneaker Lovers featuring Macbeth

My first trip to Zouk! However I was there not to party, but on a media invite to Sole Superior, Singapore’s first ever Sneaker/Streetwear Convention for Sneaker lovers by Sneaker Lovers. 🙂

Sole Superior officially starts at 1pm to 7pm. I was there at 12.50pm but there was a queue already! Photo taken by my phone.

SGVegan_Sole Superior crowd at Zouk

I was told to come back at 1.15pm as that would be when the media will be allowed in. So since Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel is just next door, I headed there to cool down in the air con and make use of the toilet facility. I must admit, I was impressed by the service staff and layout.

When I headed back to Zouk’s entrance, the crowd outside was even bigger than before! There was a long queue even for tickets that were purchased at the gate! It was surprising to me as tickets sold at the door are at $15 instead of early bird tickets at $10. This proves that there are many sneaker lovers here in Singapore .

I got my arm stamped and entered, along the passageway into where the hive of activity was…

This was what the ground floor looks like. I was amazed at the crowd!

SGVegan_Sole Superior ground floor stage

Taken from further up:

SGVegan_Sole Superior ground floor

So I knew Macbeth Footwear, the only vegan brand was going to be present at Sole Superior. They were in a obscure corner, however, if you look carefully from the ground floor, you can see the life-sized placard of the V sign of Macbeth looking down at the crowd…

SGVegan_Macbeth location

A closer look at the dude…

SGVegan_Macbeth location zoom

And that was where I headed! 🙂

A delightful sight greeted my eyes after my jostle through the human traffic:

SGVegan_Macbeth booth

Now, some of you may be wondering why shoes are also categorized as vegan/vegetarian. This is because even though shoes may be made from non-animal skin (e.g. leather, suede, wool, fur), the glue that is used may not be from a non-animal source. How is glue, supposedly a polymer, is obtained from animals? Well, by  boiling animal carcasses, such as their bones and even hooves (?!), glue is obtained. I did a search and discovered that this process is known as “rendering“, a process that converts animal tissue into stable, value-added products. Well, if you think about it, animal tissue is abundant and thus, cheaper to obtain glue as compared to making man-made polymer glue. So as vegans, we try to minimize the exploitation of animals, hence, it applies to the use of products that do not contain animal parts and it is not just limited to food. 🙂

For those of you who are on my Facebook, I’m sure you had a great time following the stream of photos that I uploaded, particularly this photo below of myself and Tim (from Macbeth) rocking our vegan tees at Sole Superior. 🙂 Mine’s from Peta (I’m not a nugget) while Tim’s wearing the Macbeth logo tee.

SGVegan_Macbeth with Tim

Unlike what the photo looks like, it was unfortunate that the Macbeth booth was hidden in a corner, and there was insufficient lighting to draw attention to the vegan wares available. They were still sorting it out when I left so I hoped everything went well! 🙂

It was a great pleasure to have a meaningful conversation with Tim. We spoke about the vegan fashion scene in Singapore and I learnt more about the Macbeth Footwear brand. Tim is the E-Commerce Manager of Supply & Demand Pte Ltd, which is the distributor of Macbeth Footwear, among many others.

So what was available? Well, the Macbeth vegan logo tee(s) that Tim was wearing in the photo above was retailing at $30 (usual $39).

SGVegan_Macbeth tees

Shoes on sale, yayy!

SGVegan_Macbeth shoes on sale

And the newest range of vegan shoes…

SGVegan_Macbeth new range

I personally love the design that is at the back row, 2nd from the left. Heehee. The feel of the black material is great!

Tim elaborated more though, on the rightmost shoe at the back row:

SGVegan_Macbeth new range removable velcro

With interchangeable velcro strips, you can change the look and feel of your outfit! And this is a popular design. 🙂

My thoughts:

Through my traveling, particularly on the MRT, I’ve been seeing more and more people wearing vegan shoes/tops, especially Macbeth tees and shoes. While these people are not vegan, they are supporting a vegan cause unknowingly. This shows that being vegan is more do-able nowadays, with brands such as Macbeth retailing at easily accessible retail locations such as TANGS Singapore. If we can get people to consider what they are buying, that being vegan does not mean compromising on our fashion, then this will create a demand for non-animal products, and more and more companies will being listening. Remember: for every dollar you spend, only 7 cents goes towards the real cost of the ingredients (https://sgvegan.wordpress.com/2013/11/26/are-my-products-angel-dusted/).

A big thank you to Sole Superior (thanks Jonathan!) for the media invite to this awesome event and the opportunity to finally touch (physical) base with Macbeth Footwear. Let us work towards more public awareness of the effects of our consumer spending! 🙂


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