[hic’Juice] Being Reborn through a 1 day hic’Juice Cleanse – Level 3

Wow, its been an amazing journey.

First off, I’ve been receiving so many questions from friends regarding the hic’Juice Reborn cleanse that I did as I posted my juice drinking progress on my Facebook, through my posts and personal messages.

You can read more about how I prepared for my hic’Juice cleanse the day before here.

A quick recap, the juices were delivered in a cooler bag the night before at 10pm, all well numbered:

SGVegan_hic'Juice Reborn Juices numbered

Why so is because the juices are cold-pressed on the day of the cleanse, and are the ingredients are not pasteurized, meaning they have not been heated, do not contain preservatives, are all fresh, raw and chock full of enzymes.

So I started off my day with reference to the cleanse journal as provided:

SGVegan_hic'Juice My Cleanse Journal

What’s printed inside…

SGVegan_hic'Juice My Cleanse Journal inside

The Cleanse Schedule and Pointers are great to have as an easy reference on my desk surface so that I keep a constant lookout during my cleanse on the timing. Its great that its printed on hard paper.

And the checklist provided:

SGVegan_hic'Juice My Cleanse Journal checklist

I made sure to tick off every point, and also, note down my moods and how my body felt especially with the juices. Plus the number of times I did a number 2 in the toilet. Haha, cos with juices, you need to keep making a pee trip to the washroom to eliminate the toxins out from your body/bloodstream. 😛

So a recap of the juices..

Here’s Juice 1 to 3:

SGVegan_hic'Juice Reborn 1-3

I started off my day with warm lemon water, with the lemon juice my mum squeezed and stored in the chiller the night before at 7.30am.

Then the juices…

I took the bottle of Juice #1 out of the fridge and let it stand for 10mins. Then at 9am, I had Juice #1, which is 4 Carats, making sure to chew the juices as I consumed it.

Basically, the 1st 3 juices (4 Carats, Oh My Greens! and Cool as a …) are delicious.

Before my 3rd juice, I had a cup of Qi Tea, Organic Fairtrade Detox China Green Tea which Marta from VeganLand passed to me to try it out. I must say, it tastes refreshing and smoother as compared to the usual green tea cos it contains dandelion root, milk thistle, peppermint leaf, licorice, ginger, fennel seeds, and natural lemon + orange flavor.

SGVegan_Qi Detox Herbal China Green Tea

Then the last 3 juices…

SGVegan_hic'Juice Reborn 4-6

Gosh, juice #4 and #5 (Lemon N Spice and Kaleidoscope) were not easy to stomach down.

For me, Lemon N Spice was still ok, bearable. Cayenne Pepper is good for the heart!

But when I opened Kaleidoscope, I had a really tough time to drink it in the 30 min window. I took about 40 mins to finish it. The ginger and cayenne pepper combination made this juice very spicy. My stomach kept churning. But I finished it – yayy!

I read that another blogger was raving about juice #6, Nut Milk. When I first opened it, it smelt sweet. Nothing too enticing. However after the 3rd sip/chewing, I was hooked. Yum. I love the bits of nuts inside.

For my exercise, I did a simple Zumba workout in the privacy of my room to work out a sweat. And I also did a self body massage of a salt bath using the Stephen James Organics 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt. This salt is really good, better than the usual salt as it contains 73 minerals! And by doing this salt scrub, it improves my aura too! I shared the photo on my Facebook of my aura the week before and after the salt scrub. 🙂 More about it in a later post. So stay tuned!

SGVegan_Stephen James Organics 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt

So how did the hic’Juice 1 day Reborn Level 3 cleanse go for me?

Well, I was about 49kg before going on a raw diet the day before the cleanse. After a day of going raw, I weigh 48kg.

On the morning of my hic’Juice Reborn Level 3 cleanse, I weigh 47kg. The next morning, I weigh 46kg.

Just a plus point to conclude my juice cleanse, I had a medical checkup done at NUS Medical Building in the afternoon and my results were declared “very good” by the medical researchers. Plus they kept commenting how lean and slim I was. They couldn’t measure some skin flap at my right hip area as there was no skin to grip onto. Ouch.

Anyway, here are my body composition results:

SGVegan_6 Dec Body Composition

My blood pressure as measured is:

Systolic: 116
Diastolic: 77

…which is in the good range. 😀

Oh, and as some of you who are on my Facebook know, I embarked on the Gallstone Cleanse the next day immediately after the hic’Juice Reborn cleanse, which is a natural, cheaper and healthier way to get rid of gallstones in our body without the need for expensive and unnecessary surgery, which leaves a scar and longer healing time period.

Read on more about the gallstone cleanse here.

Why so is because my mum saw the ingredients of the juices and said that because cayenne pepper was present, it was ok for me to go on the gallstone cleanse. Usually people do a gallstone cleanse after 7 days or 3 days.

So here are the gallstones I purged:

SGVegan_Gallstone cleanse

The darker the color, the older the gallstone. The lighter the color, the fresher the gallstone.

I’ve been receiving many questions from my friends regarding the gallstone cleanse, through the photos and Facebook message.

I highly recommend it if and only if you are a vegan or vegetarian to do this cleanse as “fast” as I did. And only if you embark on the hic’Juice Level 3 cleanse, which is the most alkaline cleanse.

Otherwise, it would be better to undergo a 3 day juice cleanse at the very least (if you can’t afford the time), then embark on the gallstone cleanse.

For me, drinking hic’Juice was a small deal compared to the gallstone cleanse. hic’Juice tastes so much better and you just simply head to the washroom to do your usual number 1, which is peeing, to eliminate the toxins in your body.

On the other hand, the gallstone cleanse had me drinking apple juice, enduring lots of churning in the stomach and intestines and heading to the toilet for number 2 which comes out as a pee. Ooops. Sorry for the too much info.

So I had 2 x 750mL of this organic apple juice I bought from my house’s organic store at $4.50/bottle, carrying it around with me:

SGVegan_Apple Juice

And I had 110mL packet of condensed apple juice, condensed plum juice, pineapple enzyme, water from the OmVib Liver Clean Program my mum bought at 6pm & 8pm.

Followed by 2 x 90mL OmVib Liver Clean Program packets of condensed apple juice, olive oil, condensed plum juice, pineapple enzyme.

If you are on your own, you can simply follow the instructions from this link under “Doing the cleanse” and “Drinking the oil”. I recommend organic apple juice, organic extra virgin olive oil and organic lemon juice. You want to reduce the amount of pesticides/toxins in your body as you cleanse right? 🙂

Anyway, I thought the worst was the time span of 8-10pm, as I practically lived in the toilet emptying my bowels every few seconds.

But the 10pm olive oil packets were the worst.

The stomach and intestine kept churning. My mum advised for me to lie on my right, with my legs rested on a pillow (raised) so that the olive oil can enter from the stomach into the liver.

Next morning, my first “poo” was watery, with 2 small gallstones.

The second poo, in the late afternoon, looked like viscous muddy water, and the gallstones were floating inside. I used a pair of wooden chopsticks to retrieve the floating gallstones, rinsed them, thus obtaining the photo. So once again, here’s the photo!

SGVegan_Gallstone cleanse

Note: Please do this gallstone cleanse on a day with no social engagements as you will feel bad physically as you are cleansing your body. Some people’s gallstones are huge too, like the size of a thumb!

Well, as they say, better in than out right?! Better natural purging than surgery right? ^^

hic’Juice is having a promotion right now, whereby if you order your cleanse with them, you get free delivery (usual min. $25).

And to justify the price tag of the juices as some of you have asked…

The sequence of the juices you consume, what goes into the juices in terms of the nutrition and how to maximize the juice cleanse is important. hic’Juice has a certified nutritionist with more than 40 years of experience for consult in the team. Juicing, also relies a lot on the type of juicer. Unless one often juices to justify the cost of the juicer, then maybe it is better to juice yourself. Not forgetting the convenience of having the juices sent to you already in bottles in a cool bag, all numbered, and with a cleanse journal and checklist…well, you can decide 🙂

Their website is really chock-full of useful information on how to embark on your juice cleanse. And if you have any questions before and even during the hic’Juice cleanse, you can drop them an email and they will reply you fast!

And, I’ve provided you how to continue or end your juice cleanse by enhancing it with a DIY gallstone cleanse. 🙂

So email them at orders@hicjuice.com.sg or via their online ordering website to order your hic’Juice cleanse now! 🙂

PS: If you do have any questions about my cleanse and would like to know more tips, please feel free to add me on Facebook and drop me a message! ^^


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