[LINS Smoodees] Green Smoodee Revolution

A previous post regarding the Blendtec Roadshow at Chevron House got many people interested.

If you missed your chance to get your hands on the Blendtec, now’s the chance to get it, also at a discount!

SGVegan_LINS BYO Series

LINS Smoodees is offering a great deal of 15% off the Blendtec and A*Juicer.

Not sure if you want to blend? Or you want to juice?

Now’s the time to get both!

Or if you’ve bought the Blendtec, time to get the A*Juicer! 😀

If you missed the previous roadshow, not to fret, the (Wildside) Blendtec will be retailing at S$977.50 after discount. If you would like to grab the Twister Jar, it will be retailing at S$166.

Remember, this promotion ends 18 Dec 2013, so hurry down now for a healthier you! 🙂

LINS Smoodees
18 Cross Street, China Square Central, #B1-02
Singapore 048423


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