SGVegan Workshop?

Hello SGVegan readers!

Readers have indicted their interest to me to run a workshop on the “Top 10 Chemicals You Should Avoid“. As consumers, we are conscious about what we consume. Some of us have chosen to go on a vegetarian diet for health reasons. Others, choose to go pesticide free (and GMO free too) by opting for organic as much as possible.

I am thinking of conducting a practical workshop, where I will equip you with the skill on how to read food and skincare labels, beyond what the company claim(s) and what is actually in the product. This will be based on actual examples of products found in the Singapore market.

I will also provide you with a list of common chemicals you should avoid and why these will harm your body both in the short and long term. This will be in the form of a booklet.

As the focus of this workshop would be on skincare and beauty, I will provide some examples of safer skincare brands.

Participants can look forward to being a more conscious consumer after the course of this workshop.

Details regarding the actual cost, date, time and venue of the workshop will be released at a later date if there is sufficient interest.

I would very much appreciate it if you can indicate your interest to attend this SGVegan workshop by participating in the poll below. Thanks! 🙂


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