SGVegan Friend Bomb

So something amazing has just happened on the Facebook page, Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. Brendon Theo just posted this up and it went viral, thanks Brendon!

SGVegan_Vegan Friend Bomb

And I just received a wonderful email sent all the way from Germany from a new subscriber to SGVegan.

I really love the concept of a Vegan Friend Bomb on Facebook and the connection that we make with one another, even if its just a virtual one.

For myself, since I started SGVegan, I have connected with more vegans in Singapore, and around the world, though we may not have met each other, I really like the energy and support of the community. Lets keep it up! ^^

So, if you wanna join in the Vegan Friend Bomb movement, please feel free to add me (Amanda Teng). 🙂


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