[Giveaway] Kwan Im Cake by Delcie’s Desserts

Tomorrow is the 15th day of the Buddhist calendar.

On this auspicious day, Kwan Im Cake, a concept brand by Delcie’s Desserts will be distributing 10,000 free 5 color element lotus flower cakes to the public on its opening launch. (Check out my other post on Delcie’s Desserts here.)

SGVegan_Kwan Im Cake Giveaway

Unlike most cakes which are offered (they are laden full with preservatives, making it unsuitable for consumption), these 5 color element lotus flower cakes by Kwan Im Cake are made with healthy ingredients, making it both suitable for offering to the deities (offer the best!) and also, for personal consumption.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medication, consuming all-vegetables 5 Elements [Wu Xing] coloured food would significantly reduce the risk of cancer, reduce cholesterol and has anti-constipation properties.

Below are the 5 Super Food ingredients used in this lotus flower cake:

SGVegan_5 Element

Metal – White – Coconut (The Tree of Life)
Wood – Green – Pumpkin Seeds (Nature’s Gift to Humans – The Only Seed that is Alkaline-Forming)
Water – Black – Chia Seeds (The Ancient Food of the Future)
Fire – Red – Goji Berries (Chinese’s Longevity Tonic)
Earth – Yellow – Turmeric (Nature’s Most Powerful Healer)

Other healthy ingredients not listed above are flaxseed, apple cider vinegar and brown rice milk.

The dates of free lotus flower cake distribution are as follows:

Besides giving away 10,000 cakes to the public, Kwan Im Cakes will also be supporting Ren Ci Hospital.

This uniquely Singapore 5 color element lotus flower cake is eggless, dairy free, diabetic friendly and is made using the 5 Elements [Wu Xing] method, which has many health benefits including anti-cancer and anti-cholesterol properties.

Head down for your free 5 color element lotus flower cake! I will be, do say hi if you spot me. 🙂

Kwan Im Cake is located at:
190 Middle Road Fortune Centre #01-28B
Singapore, Singapore 188979
Phone: 6333 9684 / 9789 2309
Email: sales@kwanimcake.com
Website: http://www.kwanimcake.com


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