[LINS Smoodees by The Healing Concierge] Media Launch

A 15min walk from Tiong Bahru MRT was an attempt by us, in the unrelenting sweltering hot heat of Singapore, to reach Valley Point by 1pm for a media launch event.

Organised by Adeline, The Healing Concierge (THC) extended a media launch lunch menu to SGVegan. A completely raw menu, made from living organic fruits and vegetables. Together with some awesome people from The Business Times, intheLoop etc, we partook in a mindful lunch/demo event that lasted 2 hours.

I invited Yi Shen, my Xiao Di whom I came to know through SGVegan, to join me for his first ever completely raw meal.

It took us a while to find THC as we entered Valley Point from the back entrance. However, if one enters through the main entrance, THC is clearly visible.


As we were early, we had a chance to sit down, catch our breath, calm down and quietly observe our surroundings.

SGVegan_THC inside

Adeline started us off by giving a quick demo on how a Green Smoodee (Popeye) is blended, so that we have something delicious to quench our thirst.

SGVegan_THC Adeline SGVegan_THC Welcome Drink

We were then served with the starters, THC Salad + Nori Sushi. I personally love raw sushi. Yum yum.

SGVegan_THC Starters

Although visually appealing, the Green Energy Soup required an adaption of our tastebuds and mind over our concept of “soup”. I heard this tastes much better if it was fresh out of the blender. Shall look forward to next try!

SGVegan_THC Green Energy Soup

Here’s the main:

SGVegan_THC Main before

After mixing it up, the Cucumber Pesto Pasta was not that dry.

SGVegan_THC Main after

I’ve really missed Pesto a lot since going vegan 4.5 years back. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with the tantalising evoking taste.

Finally ending off with a dessert of Liquid Cleanse Sample Shots.

SGVegan_THC Dessert
From left to right: Master Cleanse (Fresh Lemonade), Purify (Green Juicee), Nutrify (Fruit Nut Smoodee)

It was a great lunch, to be able to eat in mindful silence. I particularly enjoyed the experience.

For my dearest vegetarian Xiao Di, this was what he messaged me the next day:

“Don’t know why, after the full raw lunch yesterday, I keep on going to toilet. I mean, I do go toilet everyday but its more than usual. The lunch yesterday was full charged of FIBRE. Not bad la, just I’m not used to eating raw foods.” Yi Shen, 21

If you’re interested in mindful eating, Purely Lunch, a truly nutritional experience, requires a minimum of 2 to start, lasting for ~3hours, at $50/pax.

Currently, THC is running a promo at the moment, for Smoodear card of 12 bottles at $72. This works out to be $6/bottle. Comprising only of raw, living organic ingredients.

To find out more information about the lunch, and promo, do check out THC’s Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/TheHealingConcierge?fref=ts

The Healing Concierge
491 River Valley Road, Valley Point,
#01-13, Singapore 248371
Tel: 6438 4123

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 7.30am – 6pm
Weekends 1pm – 5pm


2 thoughts on “[LINS Smoodees by The Healing Concierge] Media Launch

  1. hi. i’m sorry that this reply might have seemed late. anyway, i just read your post. your comment about having missed pesto struck me.
    i wonder if u tried breek’s pesto vegan pasta. i trust other establishments should offer vegan pesto pasta too.
    thanks. 🙂


    1. Hello Shihong,

      Thanks for the heads up!

      The first time I had pesto pasta was at Pastamania when I was a vegetarian and they first introduced it. I fell for it. Ever since, that was the only place I had pesto.

      As pesto usually contains cheese, it is really hard to get vegan pesto, much less a raw version, that is delicious. Hence I was taken away by the raw pesto at LINS Healing Concierge.

      I will check out Breek’s Spicy Pesto Vegan Pasta when I get the chance! 🙂



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