[Orevo Asia Pte Ltd] Giveaway – Stephen James Organics 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt

We need salt in our lives. Our bodies are also made of salt. But not just any salt will do. We need to consume salt that is pure, natural and unprocessed by heating/detrimental commercial treatments.

Table salt in general, is not purely NaCl (sodium chloride). It is filled with additives such as iodine, anti-caking agents and other chemicals that when consumed, leads to toxin accumulation in the body.

So what’s the difference between ordinary table salt and sea salt?

Ordinary Table Salt: Typically mined from underground salt deposits. Filtered & sterilised at high temperature – this process destroys the mineral quality of the salt (heavily processed). Usually contains an additive such as anti-caking agents to prevent clumping. Most table salt has added iodine, an essential nutrient that helps maintain a healthy thyroid. However, any excess iodine stresses out our bodies and could lead to nausea, headaches and imbalanced hormone levels. Too much seems to cause cancer too, particularly in the thyroid gland.

Sea Salt: Produced through evaporation of water from the ocean or saltwater lakes, usually with lesser processing. Depending on the source of water, certain trace minerals and elements are left behind which could be potentially healthful. However, many sea salt manufacturers try to make their products look more like table salt, sapping it of everything there is to love in the process.

Unrefined sea salt is the better option for favour and health. However, since manufacturers tend to make their packaging look like health food, it is important to read through the ingredients. If the only ingredient listed is sodium chloride, this so-called healthy natural salt is just as refined as the ordinary table salt. Also, ingredient labels won’t list how much of a nutrient it contains, look out for the colour of the salt. Unrefined salt is generally off-white or pink and not the pure white colour most of us are used to.

SGVegan_SJO 73 Himalayan Salt Comparison
SGVegan_SJO 73 Himalayan Salt Comparison

What’s the difference between the salts above and Stephen James Organics (SJO) 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt?

SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt: Comes from what was originally the Tibetan plateau, which over millennia, became the mountainous regions in the Himalayas in North Pakistan. The salts from the Himalayas are rich in mineral content and frequently dubbed “the purest salt on earth” by many health experts, untouched by pollutants from the sea & truly pristine.

This pure, unadulterated salt which contains a multitude of various minerals and ions that are bioavailable. This allows you to absorb and use all of those great minerals such as iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

So what are the benefits of SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt?

  • Laboratory results show 73 ionically active minerals & elements in SJO Himalayan Salt. It contains more bioavailable iron than any other salts.
  • Proper balance of electrolytes result in improved digestion & better digestive-tract health.
  • Enhances the flavours of food, this is a priceless food preparation secret. It adds dimension to any food you’re working with.
  • Known in to stimulate circulation, balance blood pressure, boost immune system & balance the pH of the body.

As such, the composition of the salt we choose is vital, as our bodies are mainly comprised of water and salt, in a similar proportion to that of ancient and deep seas. Salt and water, can be said to be the essence of life. And the important minerals we need to consume are found in SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt.

SGVegan_SJO 73 Himalayan Salt
SGVegan_SJO 73 Himalayan Salt

My thoughts:

I received a 1.5kg bag (as seen on right) of SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt from Orevo Asia Pte Ltd, the exclusive distributor in Singapore for Stephen James Organics products.


I’ve used Himalayan Salt before. However, I noticed a huge difference especially in my cooking. When I added SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt to my organic vegetable soup (just boiled veg in plain water), the soup tasted sweet, instead of salty. As such, to offset the impact of radiation exposure, I added miso to the vegetable soup and it was a hit! Never before in my 15 years of eating self-prepared miso soup from the same miso brand, have I tasted such deep flavour.


The week before, I happened to take an aura photo at Fu Lu Shou Complex, located near Bugis. My overall aura is an intense red as seen in the photo below. This indicates either vitality or stress. As I was in a stressful period, it was obvious to me that it can only be stress.

SGVegan_Aura Before Salt Scrub
SGVegan_Aura Before Salt Scrub

One week later, I decided to try out a salt scrub as I felt an imbalance in my body’s energy. I used the salt as an exfoliating scrub on the body and dissolved some for application on my face and scalp. It is not that rough on the body as the SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt is double-grinded.

I was planning to leave the salt on my body for 5 minutes. However, using the SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt, I ended up staying in the toilet for 15 minutes instead! I felt a calmness descend upon me, and could literally “feel” the 73 ionically active minerals & elements diffusing through my skin into my bloodstream.

I met a friend for lunch at Fortune Center. Since we passed by Fu Lu Shou Complex, I decided to pay for an aura photo to have a better idea of what my aura is like visibly based on how I feel.

Here’s the photo:

SGVegan_Aura After Salt Scrub
SGVegan_Aura After Salt Scrub

Overall, it is violet, which represents visionary. There is a report that comes with the photo saying that violet is a mix of blue (unlimited knowledge) and red (activity and power). Thus, spiritual evolution is in store for me, as violet indicates a time of in my life which I will be able to attain unlimited spiritual knowledge.

Anyway, this aura photo is just a physical visual representation of how I felt, which I feel was a good indication. I would caution against anyone to completely rely on aura, as it changes almost all the time based on your thoughts. Whatever that was taken in the snapshot for the photo, may just be indicative of your aura at that particular point of time. 🙂

For those who are interested, you can take your aura photo at Kangli Mineral Kingdom Pte Ltd, located at level 1 of Fu Lu Shou Complex. There are both English and Mandarin Reports. It costs S$10 for a report without consultation. I would suggest to go without consultation if you are not looking to purchase any crystals as the report is self-explanatory.

I’ve been using this SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt as part of my weekly shower regime. I noticed less hair fall too! ^_^

Now for the giveaway!

I will be giving away 2 x SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt Bottle (360g) worth S$19/bottle.

It is great for cooking and skincare. Basically, it is the best unadulterated salt for you and your family.

How to win:

Simply leave a comment below on this blogpost and tell me why you would like to try SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt

Giveaway ends 30 April 2014, 23:59.

2 winners will be notified by email. Only for Singapore readers.

P.S.: You can head to http://www.orevoworld.com/ to make an online order too! 🙂



21 thoughts on “[Orevo Asia Pte Ltd] Giveaway – Stephen James Organics 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt

  1. After trying out a number of dishes with this SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt, I am really impressed ! Even plain porridge with a bit of the salt is good enough to eat on its own ! The taste really differ from using the right salt. I haven’t tried showering with this salt yet (somehow the price tag is stopping me from doing so), hahaha.. But I think one fine day I will..


    1. Hey Gillian,

      I’m so glad that you are enjoying it. It sounds like you’re having a blast with your meals! 🙂

      Showering wise, I use only a minimal amount of a teaspoon full for my body. At the final bit after full shower. Then I scrub it in, letting the salt dissolve and diffuse into my skin for about 5-10mins before a quick rinse off. Really helps to calm my emotions especially when I feel overwhelmed! ^-^



  2. I missed the dealine didn’t I? 🙂
    Though I’m really glad to have found your site! Thank you for being an inspiration!
    Recently gone almost raw vegan and looking forward to add the Himalayan salt into daily meals.
    Oh, please do try the personal consultation when you go to Kang Li for the aura reading. If possible, get Kelly to read. Her insights are absolutely spot on and reveal deeper layers of meanings and possible ways to go forward. A gem.


    1. Hey Masitah,

      Yes, unfortunately the deadline is over but you can stay subscribed with your email (top right corner) for future giveaways.

      Thanks for the tip about Kelly. Hopefully the conditions will be right for me to meet her. Can’t wait and thanks for sharing! 🙂



  3. I was amazed that how this pink salt could do not only to our taste bud but to our aura as well.
    If I ever got this salt on hand I will definitely bring this salt to the next level by added essential oil n have a nice aromatherapy scrub n of course sprinkle some on my favorite frozen chocolate fudge! Ah….divine!


  4. My aunt has stage 4 cancer, so I would love to use this salt to prepare healthy and delicious food for her! The treatment she’s going through has dulled her taste buds, so this may be the lifesaver in enhancing the flavour of her food! She really needs all the nourishment possible at this stage! Hopefully this would also inspire and encourage her whole family!


  5. After reading your post, I am confident that the Deep Pink Himalayan salt will be a good addition to my household!Want to use this to show my family that healthy food can be good too! 🙂


  6. SJO 73 Deep Pink Himalayan is something very new to me, 如果没有这篇文章 来讲解这东西 可能我不会知道这东西的存在。 如果我顺利赢到这 第一件 最想做的就是把它分成两半;一半拿来做body scrub 另一半拿来煮菜; 一举两用。 认识它的当而 而可充份的利用它。 谢谢!


  7. Nowadays fitness is a lifestyle choice and therefore along with exercise its important to keep a check on what kind of products we intake. Unadulterated products like this Pink salt would act as good detox agents and naturally cleanse our system. Since I cook a lot, it would be interesting to try out this salt with different flavour profiles and utilize the product. Thanks for sharing!


  8. I have never known the many benefits of Sea Salt until I read your article. It’s amazing to know Sea Salt can actually enhance the flavours of food because to me, I’ve always thought Sea Salt no difference from the regular salt we always use. Hopefully I am able to experience cooking with Sea Salt soon by winning in this giveaway *Fingers Crossed*.


  9. This is awesome! I’d use the salt in Angela’s cooking or get my aunts to try cooking with this salt. I’ve heard Angela extoll the benefits of this mineral. It would be great to experience the salt in the inside.


  10. I have been using black salt and Himalayan pink salt (of a different brand) for at least 10 years, but never experienced anything as mindblowing as what you have described. So I think it is long overdue that I switch to this. Looking forward to try this and experience the benefits.


  11. I am not sure if I qualify as Singapore reader? 😀 Anyway, I have never thought of using salt other than for cooking or salad sauce, so this would be an interesting thing to try.


  12. Hi Amanda,
    Wow I think this sea salt will be great for cooking, boosting one’s health, clearing one’s aura and maybe even clearing the energy of houses and rooms 🙂 What magical sorcery is this;) Would be great if I could try it out 🙂



  13. I do frequent salt showers using ordinary salt. After reading the positive experience you had on your aura after using SJO 73 pink himalayan salt, I would love to try out on myself and see the results! Thank u!


  14. I am using sea salt now but not your brand. after I read your introduction I find out that your product was amazing.I would like to try it;)


  15. Seriously, after reading this blog post, who wouldn’t want to try some magical pink salt? Anyway, I’ve been looking for good salt and SJO 73 seems to be am excellent choice. Thanks, Universe!


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