Vegan bread options at SWISSBAKE

It is not easy to find bread in Singapore that is vegan. Most breads here in Singapore contain milk for the softer texture.

Due to queries on the Go Vegan! Whatsapp group, I decided to emailed Swiss-bake for a list of breads which are vegan.

Here’s the reply from a fellow Amanda:

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for your email.

Please find below from our QA Manager, some of the breads which may be suitable for customers who are vegan.

  1. Ciabatta loaf
  2. Ciabatta bun
  3. Energus Bio
  4. Evening Bread
  5. Fitness
  6. Frankenlaib
  7. French Baguette
  8. Olive Focaccia
  9. Dark Rye
  10. Granola Muesli
  11. Pain De Campagne
  12. Sour Dough Pumpkin Seed
  13. Trio Corn
  14. Walnut Bread
  15. Multiseed Low GI Bread

We hope this is useful to you.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Amanda Tan
Sales & Admin Executive

In addition, a second email reply when I checked if the bread sticks and gluten-free breads are vegan.

Yup, bread stick does not contain sugar, milk or egg.

We have 2 types of gluten free bread, plain and multiseed. These are available in very small quantity in most of our cafes and manned retail outlet.

Best to give outlet a call for stock availability to avoid disappointment.

By the way, do check the ingredient list before purchasing just to ensure it is suitable for vegans 🙂

So there you are folks! Hope this list helps.

Amanda (SGVegan)


3 thoughts on “Vegan bread options at SWISSBAKE

  1. Thanks for taking the effort to email Swiss Bak and listing the vegan bread options here, Amanda! Information here is super useful for us vegans 🙂


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