City Square Mall, Singapore’s first eco-friendly mall

I came across something interesting today – a container for recycling of cosmetic containers!

SGVegan_City Square Mall Recycling
SGVegan_City Square Mall Recycling

City Square Mall is known for being Singapore’s first eco-friendly mall. You can read more about how eco-friendly their construction process is here. I myself was taken aback by the info & pictures as I didn’t know that even though I’ve been passing through this mall regularly.

So anyway, do you see the interesting recycling container on the right? It is for you to dispose of your recyclable cosmetics container for Project E.A.R.T.H. (Every Act of Recycling Trash Helps).

It is organised by National Environmental Agency (NEA) & Origins Singapore, launched on 7 April 2013.

SGVegan_PROJECT E.A.R.T.H. with Origins
SGVegan_PROJECT E.A.R.T.H. with Origins

And in the NTUC in City Square Mall, there is a recycling corner where you can recycle your plastic bottles and aluminium cans. Sorry but I don’t believe you get anything out it, except the feeling of accomplishment that you’ve done something for the environment! 🙂

SGVegan_NTUC Recycling Corner
SGVegan_NTUC Recycling Corner

I hope more malls will have such recycling amenities easily available like City Square Mall.


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