Being the change you want to see in the world!

Have you ever felt discontented with the world before? Ever felt that you’re too small a person, a nobody, to be able to make an impact on the world?

Well, how about making a change from within?

When I was younger, as a vegetarian, I was the subject of endless criticism.

I was scrawny. Unhealthy. Why? I had an open heart surgery at the age of 5. For those of you who know the medical term, its called ASD Closure.

I also learnt recently from my mum that I was not an easy kid to take care of. My grandma told my mum that I was the kid that won’t eat food – until I was fed medicine.

Only medicine could pacify me to eat my meals.

Thus, when I entered Primary 1 at 6 years old, my primary school principal told my mum that he didn’t dare to hold my wrist – he was afraid that he would break it as I was really thin then.

Throughout Lower Primary, I struggled with underweight issues. Back then, I was like most of you. My favorite food was fried chicken wings and herbal mutton soup. It was a clean sweep whenever those food were present. My parents had to control me not to eat too much as everytime after overeating such food, I would fall sick.

All that changed when I entered Primary 4.

My family decided to turn vegetarian, due to a combination of mainly health and a bit of religious reasons.

We started eating organic food – it caused a HUGE strain on the family budget.

Vegetarian was unheard of for young kids then, and my primary school didn’t have a vegetarian stall. So my mum would bring food for me and my brother during recess break.

I was the rebellious child – hated my mum coming to school, as it made it more distinct that I was different from my friends.

I had a low self-esteem then, even though I entered a reasonably good Secondary (high) school.

Friends teased me (no malice intended) that I can always eat the grass that was growing around, since there was no vegetarian food stall in my secondary school.

I gained the notorious reputation of ordering “Wanton mee without wanton“.

Even though my friends teased me about my vegetarian diet, I knew that they didn’t mean it. It was just a part of growing up.

But boy, it was a tough period having to survive in a non-veg environment for 6 years (secondary and junior college)! Especially since this is the age where teens like myself were going through an identity crisis.

Long story short, after a few eventful events that happened after I decided to set up SGVegan, my best friend, whom I’ve stuck through all the ups-and-low with, decided that we can only remain as Facebook friends.

Not sure if any of you can identify with that but I am sincerely grateful to her, for teaching me this really invaluable lesson of impermanence. Without her, I wouldn’t have this lesson that strikes close to my heart.

As SGVegan grows, and through my conscious awareness of the thoughts that goes through my mind, somehow, I find that I am being surrounded by a bunch of wonderful people.

I believe it came about due to a change in perspective.

Instead of being unhappy with what I was experiencing, I CHOSE and made the conscious effort of working on the thoughts within myself.

From being an outcast with my non-veg friends, nowadays, friends and strangers are asking me to introduce to them delicious cheap cruisine that is palatable to their tastebuds.

I can’t change the world. Its too huge a task. But what I can do is to be a walking living inspiration to the people around me.

Since I turned vegetarian in Primary 4 (10 years old), I’ve not been to a Western doctor at all. Every time I fall sick, I just take fresh lemon juice/apple cider vinegar + lots of SLEEP and I am fine the next day.

I hope my story can be an inspiration to those of you who are considering living more healthily. πŸ™‚

Money can’t buy health, but money can help us achieve health if we make the conscious effort of what we choose to put in our mouths.

**Have any of you ever faced such struggles? We would love to hear so we can support each other. Please leave a comment below. ^_^ *


5 thoughts on “Being the change you want to see in the world!

  1. Doing what’s popular may not be always be right. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt story. It is not easy to choose healthy diet in an environment where fruit/ vegetables aren’t really the “in” thing and heart-clogging fries and meat are what everyone else eats. I have my fair share of criticism from my extended family and friends as well. I also experienced that in a recent BBQ session with non-veg eaters. Everyone chose to gorge on meat and fries. I was surprised none picked up my veggie skewers (it was red/green peppers, not even mock meat!) It takes a lot of courage Not to even Do things like everyone else does. We have this conformist mentality. But remember, “you aren’t born to blend in, you are born to stand out!” πŸ™‚ Yes, let’s be beacons of change and choose health, not conformity πŸ™‚ Many hugs to you, Amanda!


  2. A life of belief and perserverance, most people would have swayed or given up half way. Glad that you perservered and stick to your belief of living and eating healthy.
    I am sure you will continue to inspire more to adopt a healthy lifestyle πŸ™‚


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