Cheap Veg Option at SomerSet@313

Looking for a quick veg meal at SomerSet@313?

Food Republic, Level 5
Bangkok Gem (Thai Cuisine)

Green Curry Vegetarian
$6.90, comes with steamed white rice
10% discount for PassionCard/Safra

SGVegan_Thai SomerSet@313

10 thoughts on “Cheap Veg Option at SomerSet@313

    1. Hi Peena,

      Thanks for checking it out. I guess that you really enjoy green curry!

      Just wanted to let you know that I’ve eaten Green Curry that is vegetarian and its available at Cafe Nature at TradeHub21. Formally known as Cafe de Paradiso.

      Amanda (SGVegan)


    2. Hi Peena,

      I’ve made detailed checks with the staff following your comment.

      They definitely assured me that the green veg curry is vegetarian and vegan. You have to tell them that when you order as they will cook the vegetables in the kitchen and not in the main area next to the counter where they cook the shrimps/meat.

      Hope this clarifies! 🙂

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    1. Hi Peena,

      Thanks for sharing. Can I check with you – did you asked them about it this afternoon? Or you tasted it in the Veg Green Curry and checked with the staff?



  1. Uh oh..Looks can be deceiving huh. Lol. I think I’ll skip this then cos I can’t take hot stuff, don’t want my tummy to be churning the whole night through after this :p
    Thanks !


    1. Hi Gillian,

      Yes it is, although it doesn’t look so. But if you are someone who can take the medium to very spicy stuff, then this shouldn’t be a problem I guess. 🙂



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