The Shift movie

I just watched one of the most inspiring trailers that I’ve ever seen. In this time of fear and decay, it is time to move towards a vision and breakthrough.

Check out the trailer here (you’ll be inspired).


Below are some of the quotes and phrases in the trailer that resonated with me:

Every one of us contributes towards this form of collective consciousness. We are a community of agents.

“A massive shift is building not only in our consciousness but in how we live. We’re reaching a critical mass of people who are taking a stand for a new way. We just need to recognise it.  And grow the movement, together.”

“The secret to change is not fighting the old, but in finding the power too fight for the new.”
Nate Howard, Academic Coach, Speaker

“Ask what makes you come alive and do that…
Because what the world need is people who have come alive.”
Howard Thurman, Civil Rights Activist

The shift on Planet Earth requires a critical mass of people saying YES to the inner self.

You love what you are doing and you have big dreams. Your impact is amazing.

We are all potential change agents. There is so much hope in the younger generation.

The sexiest thing in this world? Its being smart, thoughtful and generous.

Being, love, compassion and consciousness.

Change from INside out is only when you are INspired.

This film is different.  It’s being supported and funded by a movement – by people like you and me.

We can join together to tell this story, and get it in theaters and seen around the world!

Watch the trailer, feel moved, and jump on board!

We can make it happen. Lets accelerate the shift that is taking place!


Amanda (SGVegan)

PS: After viewing the trailers, you may want to “post your story” by contributing your personal story. The 2 most voted stories will be shot, and included in the final storyline of The Shift movie. Isn’t that exciting?! 😀


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