2014: Vegan options in Starbucks Singapore

Here’s the latest heathier living update from Starbucks:

I have relook at our list and we will like to share with you that these drinks are vegan friendly:-

·         Freshly brewed coffee & Tazo Full Leaf Tea

·         Espresso based beverages (such as Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Mocha, Vanilla Latte (or other flavoured syrup) with soy milk and no whip cream.

               -except White Chocolate Mocha & Caramel Macchiato (unless you request for no caramel drizzle for Caramel Macchiato)

·         Tea beverages – Tea Lattes (English breakfast, earl grey with soy milk), Green Tea Latte with soy milk, Tazo® Shaken Iced Lemon Passion Tea/ Green Tea

·         Classic Hot chocolate with Soy Milk and no whip cream

I have clarified that the powder we used to make classic hot chocolate does not contain egg and dairy. 

(just ensure that you do not order our signature hot chocolate as this does contain dairy)

(10 Sept 2014 Update: “The classic hot chocolate is actually not on our drinks menu but we are to prepare it upon request.”)

·         Frappuccino (such as Coffee, Espresso, Mocha) with soy milk and no whip cream.

-except White Chocolate Mocha & Caramel Frappuccino (unless you request for no caramel drizzle for Caramel Frappuccino)

·         Tea Based Frappuccinos : Mango Passionfruit Blended Juice Drink, Raspberry Blackcurrant Blended Juice Drink

·         Our current promotional drinks – Lemon Ginger Fizzio with Mango Jelly Sparkling Beverage, Passion Tea Lemonade Fizzio with Hibiscus Jelly Sparkling Beverage.

Vegan friendly food:

·         Plain bagel

·         Cinnamon raisin bagel

·         Multigrain bagel

·         Chewy Granola, fruits & Nut

·         Perfect Oatmeal

·         Vegetable Pattie Capricciosa Sandwich (10 Sept 2014 Update: “no longer available on our menu”)

·         Tofu Salad with Salsa Sauce (only at Starbucks Novena Hospital / Raffles Hospital)

Hope this information help.

Well, I hope the above reply from the Customer Service Office at Starbucks helps. Have a great weekend ahead everyone!

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9 thoughts on “2014: Vegan options in Starbucks Singapore

  1. And a fren had asked Starbucks via Fb, answer and reply below…
    My fren :Hi, I was told that Starbucks Classic Hot Chocolate drink is vegan friendly (no dairy like whey, lactose, casein, cow’s milk, cream and such) if one chooses soy milk. Is it true?
    Starbucks Singapore: Our Signature Hot Chocolate consists of a delicious blend of sugar, cocoa and vanilla with no dairy included. We usually add milk to this before steaming it just for you. You can request to change it out to soy milk instead.

    Either they don’t have Classic Hot Chocolate or they mixed up both of them. And it’s annoying everyone said different things… sigh.


    1. Hello Kyn,

      Thank you for sharing. I have emailed Starbucks and this was the reply I received 2 days back (10 Sept 2014):

      The ingredients(chocolate powder) we used in our Signature hot chocolate does contain dairy, thus I do not recommend you to drink it.

      The classic hot chocolate is actually not on our drinks menu but we are to prepare it upon request.

      And yes, the Vegetable Pattie Capricciosa is now no longer available on our menu.

      Hope this helps to clarify.

      I have accordingly updated the post above. And I cannot agree more with you when we get different information from different people. Grrr. Its time to start educating people about a cruelty free healthy lifestyle! 🙂



      1. Thanks Amanda for the update and Starbucks finally got back and said they mixed up with the names, haha. Classic Hot Chocolate is without dairy. But the funny thing is when me and my fren went to Starbucks and required about it the staff asked, “Do you mean Classic Hot Cocoa?” Oh well, glad that they have such option upon request now, because when I wrote to them years ago, they flatly said no, like mission impossible. Oh btw, if we use soymilk instead of regular cow’s milk, we have to add 70 cents more! SIgh…


      2. Hey Kyn,

        I know right! Well…I guess paying 70cents more for organic soy milk beats having to pay healthcare costs in the future right? 🙂

        Anyway, yayy to Classic Hot Cocoa now and MORE TO COME!!



  2. Hi, don’t think Classic Hot chocolate even with Soy Milk and no whipped cream is vegan… There is animal milk content in the pre-mixed powder of the Classic Hot Chocolate. I checked with Taipei Starbuck (when I was there on vacation) and even emailed Starbuck Singapore too. Apparently the answers i received are ‘Classic Hot chocolate is not vegan’. Not really sure what’s going on 😦


    1. Hey kyn,

      I know! Frankly I was also uncertain as my friend is the store manager for one of the local Starbucks stores – she told me to avoid all chocolate drinks in Starbucks, be it hot chocolate and even the chocolate syrup because it contains milk after she checked the ingredients.

      I am glad to hear that you share the same sentiments as me. Thank you for your comment – I will reply the Starbucks executive I am in touch with and update everyone accordingly. 🙂

      Amanda (SGVegan)


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