Supercharge Your Life – Learn Tips to Live Healthier…for Free!

How do you improve your life?

  • No more body aches.
  • No more pain.
  • Get a better body – ooo, lean, mean and fit yeah!
  • Lose weight, and maintain it?
  • Feel good?
  • Look good?
  • Reduce illnesses and diseases?
  • Live a life filled with energy, passion and purpose!!!

There is an upcoming seminar, called Supercharge Your Life.

SGVegan is a firm believer in living healthily. This event would help you improve your life! Very worth it to go.


Skip, a competitive gymnast broke his back. And yet he was able to rise back up again to compete as a gymnast with a healed broken back….all within 18 months!

He has coached people like Sir Richard Branson, Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tony Robbins!

Well, enough of that. What matters most is our own mindset. It is our mindset that determines our health. And Skip would be the best person we can pick his brains on for such tips!

Tracy Wong, the Director of Marketing with Wealth Mentors, owns the Loving Hut outlets in Malaysia. She is really passionate in helping people live to their highest potential…and going vegan is the best way. Wealth Mentors have specially brought in Skip to share with us his secrets to heal our bodies naturally….!

I can’t wait to be able to learn from Skip! And pick his brains…YUM – haha!

It will be a 2 day training event to change your mindset and improve your life.

13-14 September 2014, 9am-6pm
Location: Furama City Centre (Chinatown)

Tickets are worth S$2,500 – you can attend for free if you register via this link:

Remember to register now as tickets are really going fast.

Here’s a bunch of us vegans – we attended Joel Bauer’s Passion2Profit with yummy delicious vegan food for lunch that seriously made non-vegetarians consider going vegetarian! (Serious claim that was gushed out spontaneously by the people below who partook in our vegan lunch.)


I can’t wait to see you at the event and here’s a toast to a healthier lifestyle! 🙂


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