Update 24 Sept 2014:
No longer vegetarian as Kim Chi used contains Anchovies

The Soup Spoon just launched a Korean menu.

Kimchi Dubu Doenjang Jjigae (as pictured) is not vegetarian (no onion/garlic).

You can inform the service crew to omit the egg and it will be vegan. This was confirmed via The Soup Spoon’s Facebook page here.

Have an enjoyable meal and let me know if its yummy! 🙂

SGVegan_Spicy Kimchi Dubu Doenjang Jjigae @ The Soup Spoon

6 thoughts on “[Update] New Korean Veg Option Available at The Soup Spoon

  1. Are you serious, I had the Kim Chi soup last Friday and read that it was vegan on the sign. I even confirmed with the staff to not include any egg as I am vegan. As well as the bread roll choice.
    I will be writing to management to express my disappointment.
    Verrrrrry unhappy!


    1. Dear Nisha,

      Souper Chef Anna just posted the update this morning on her Instagram. The latest batch of Kimchi they received contains anchovies. I’m sure last Friday should be fine.



    1. Dear Vivien,

      This was The Soup Spoon’s reply to a comment:

      “…, the spring onion is optional; just let our friendly staff know that you do not wish to have it with your order.”



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