A healthier drinking option @ Starbucks for Christmas.

SGVegan_Starbucks Christmas 2014
SGVegan_Starbucks Christmas 2014

Reply from Starbucks:

I have check our Christmas promotional drinks – you can order these 2 drinks (customise it to be vegan friendly)

  • Toffee nut latte – you can order it with soy milk and no espresso caramel whipped cream
  • Peppermint mocha – you can order it with soy milk and no whip cream

I remember that I used to like Toffee Nut Latte when I had a sweet tooth. Nowadays, its Peppermint Mocha for me. I order my drinks with less if not no sugar pumps.

Enjoy 🙂

How about the usual Starbucks drinks veganised? Check out the list here.

I had previously blogged about my favorite customised Starbucks drink here.


3 thoughts on “2014: Vegan Christmas Drinks at Starbucks Singapore

  1. Sorry before I can edit my reply, i accidentally pressed post and I don’t know how to edit it.
    Would like to say really grateful for such information! They really help us, the vegans in Singapore, a lot!


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