SGVegan_EarthFest Logo

EarthFest is a festival with planet-friendly food fair, farmer’s market, live music, eco-carnival games, screenings, and more!

A good friend of mine, Mike Broadhead, is passionate about reducing our carbon footprint in our lives. As such, Mike came up with this vision 2 years ago, for a festival to inspire and empower us all to create a modern and sustainable future.

Thus, EarthFest was born.

Happening this Saturday, 26 September 2015 @ Marina Barrage from 11 am to 3:30 pm (rain or shine – the area is covered).

SGVegan_Marina Barrage

Here’s a site map of EarthFest:

SGVegan_EarthFest Site Map

Things to do too during EarthFest:

SGVegan_EarthFest Things to Do

So, the most important thing is, what is there to bring at a sustainable festival such as EarthFest?

SGVegan_EarthFest Things to Bring

And here’s the instructions on how to get to EarthFest:

SGVegan_Getting to EarthFest

Also, what are the special events occurring during EarthFest? (Do note, some require registering…)

SGVegan_EarthFest Special Events 1

SGVegan_EarthFest Special Events 2

And, what’s a festival without performers? See if you recognize them from the images… (I don’t)

SGVegan_EarthFest Performers

SGVegan_EarthFest End Vision

What I do like is the phrase above, “Use social media to shift the future”.

While I know the tickets are sold out on, please do not hesitate to swing by this Saturday. It is possible to attend as “walk-in traffic”. 🙂


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