Everyday Vegan Grocer, Singapore’s 1st Vegan Grocer

http://www.EverydayVeganGrocer.com Our Story Your journey to conscious living begins here. Whether you are vegan, vegan-curious or an animal advocate, at Everyday Vegan we offer affordable, natural and non-toxic products that are aligned with your personal commitment to sustainability and a better world. It is our mission to identify, verify, source and showcase vegan lifestyle productsContinue reading “Everyday Vegan Grocer, Singapore’s 1st Vegan Grocer”

Where do Vegans get their protein from?!

As all of us vegans can attest to: one of the top questions you will (yes, “will” not “might”!) hear is along the lines of “Wait, so where do you get your protein from?!” Now, you have to give it to them, the meat industry has spent billions on advertisement, and have succeeded, at promotingContinue reading “Where do Vegans get their protein from?!”

Is Veganism Really that Big?

It’s no surprise that Veganism is a lifestyle gaining more credibility each and every day. A big part of that can be thanks to the countless celebrities jumping aboard the bandwagon each and every day. We all know, while normal people go vegan on a small scale, the chain effect it creates is nowhere nearContinue reading “Is Veganism Really that Big?”

Winners for Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea and Coffee

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[Giveaway] Buckwheat Green Tea and Coffee

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