[Giveaway] Kwan Im Cake by Delcie’s Desserts

Tomorrow is the 15th day of the Buddhist calendar.

On this auspicious day, Kwan Im Cake, a concept brand by Delcie’s Desserts will be distributing 10,000 free 5 color element lotus flower cakes to the public on its opening launch. (Check out my other post on Delcie’s Desserts here.)

SGVegan_Kwan Im Cake Giveaway

Unlike most cakes which are offered (they are laden full with preservatives, making it unsuitable for consumption), these 5 color element lotus flower cakes by Kwan Im Cake are made with healthy ingredients, making it both suitable for offering to the deities (offer the best!) and also, for personal consumption.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medication, consuming all-vegetables 5 Elements [Wu Xing] coloured food would significantly reduce the risk of cancer, reduce cholesterol and has anti-constipation properties.

Below are the 5 Super Food ingredients used in this lotus flower cake:

SGVegan_5 Element

Metal – White – Coconut (The Tree of Life)
Wood – Green – Pumpkin Seeds (Nature’s Gift to Humans – The Only Seed that is Alkaline-Forming)
Water – Black – Chia Seeds (The Ancient Food of the Future)
Fire – Red – Goji Berries (Chinese’s Longevity Tonic)
Earth – Yellow – Turmeric (Nature’s Most Powerful Healer)

Other healthy ingredients not listed above are flaxseed, apple cider vinegar and brown rice milk.

The dates of free lotus flower cake distribution are as follows:

Besides giving away 10,000 cakes to the public, Kwan Im Cakes will also be supporting Ren Ci Hospital.

This uniquely Singapore 5 color element lotus flower cake is eggless, dairy free, diabetic friendly and is made using the 5 Elements [Wu Xing] method, which has many health benefits including anti-cancer and anti-cholesterol properties.

Head down for your free 5 color element lotus flower cake! I will be, do say hi if you spot me. 🙂

Kwan Im Cake is located at:
190 Middle Road Fortune Centre #01-28B
Singapore, Singapore 188979
Phone: 6333 9684 / 9789 2309
Email: sales@kwanimcake.com
Website: http://www.kwanimcake.com


SGVegan in India!

Hello there!

So here I am in India, safe and sound. 🙂

Its my 4th time here in India, 3rd time in this same location in Kushinagar, where His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teaching will take place soon.

I just got myself an Indian SIM card with 1Gb data plan…and guess what! After only using it for less than an hour…the 1Gb data plan just disappeared! Apparently this is very common here in India and Nepal, where your balance just disappears. Most probably someone “hijacked” it.

Anyway, such matters aside, I am now at Drati Khangtsen using the wifi to blog. Thank goodness for this monastery to have a wifi we foreigners can tap on. Thank you! 🙂

Just before I go off, I would like to share 3 photos with you. Photos taken on my old Samsung Galaxy S2 phone.

Here’s the India moonrise…or is it sunset? 😉

SGVegan_India moonrise

Then the sunrise…or is it moonset? On the way to teachings in the Tibetan refugee camp/ Sera Jey monastic university. This is one of the few places in India where you can really feel safe walking about!

SGVegan_Sunrise...or moonrise

And us foreigners waiting for our teacher, Lama Zopa Rinpoche to arrive at Drati Khangtsen:

SGVegan_foreigners waiting

So here you go!

I’ll be updating soon with the best ever sunscreen for Singapore’s weather soon!! 🙂

My Life Journey Begins…When I Heard My Voiceless Friends

The following is an article by Carol Pan, a Singaporean vegan. Carol shares with us her life story as a vegan and how was it like surviving as a vegan in Singapore.

I had officially started my life journey as a vegetarian since 1999. In fact before that I’d tried once not having any meat consumption for a week. But I did it because of my religion as a Buddhist. That one week to me seems one year, as I was too young and was not guided on how I should start off, so I took plain biscuits for my meals. On the third day of the week I started feeling weak, worst of all I started vomiting, having diarrhoea and fever.

I consulted a doctor and was thus diagnosed with dengue fever. For the rest of that one week I totally lost my appetite till I started recovering after three days of good rest. Then guess what? I find myself too pathetic starving so I decided to give up. The first thing I did was to dial for KFC delivery and I enjoyed a chicken feast!

One fine day in 1999, my mum casually passed me a DVD from one of the Buddhist temple of how farm animals are slaughtered for food. I was so terribly shocked after watching. I wasn’t aware that cruelties are injected to the poor animals such as being enclosed in small cages; pigs got electrocuted, their ears nipped off without any anesthetics during the process. I cried while finishing the whole movie. I can remember that’s the moment when I swore I’ll never eat them again!  All the more I couldn’t bring myself to hurt any animals whom are of the same kind like my pet dog.

Nevertheless, I still eat eggs and dairy products since I thought they don’t have to die for them. My family wasn’t vegetarians but they do respect me for being one. So usually we’ll visit different vegetarian restaurants for any festive celebrations. I don’t force them to think like me, but I never stop educating them all these while.

Most typical people always think that meat is very essential for our health wellness and it’s hard to change them since eating meat has like been a tradition for the Chinese. I was very firm and never have the urge to consume any meat at all throughout these years. It wasn’t at all difficult when we find ourselves very good reasons why we shouldn’t! That’s why my second attempt lasted for more than ten over years.

Fortunately, there are many good vegetarian restaurants around in Singapore. So I don’t find any difficulties having delicious meals outside at all! The other benefit about being a non meat-eater, I look so much younger than my actual age. I was also very often complimented for my good complexion too.

Several months back I began to visit the vegetarian and vegan pages in Facebook, that’s where I found myself many vegetarian/vegan friends all over the world. The truth of the meat industries became more visually exposed to me. I realize that eggs and dairy products were produced through the animals’ sufferings too! Even those of our daily essential needs such as fur wears, cosmetics or beauty products also support animals’ cruelty.

That’s when my final or complete stage of being a vegetarian had reached its peak.

I switched to a vegan by stopping eggs, dairy products, honey and I buy eco friendly products for daily essential usage, and somehow it automatically shoo me away when I saw leather products too during shopping. I ensure I watch out for the ingredients contained on every choices of food I’d chosen to be fed into my stomach.

Now I ate lots of fruits and veggies. It makes me feel wonderful. I felt lighter, healthier and most importantly enjoy a more complete guilt-free lifestyle. I don’t contribute sufferings to the other sentient beings. I’m more clear-headed on what I want in life. I hope to fight for the voiceless, as long as I’m still breathing in my remaining life. Just my strength alone can be too weak and I know very well it’s beyond my ability to change the entire world. But I won’t stop, even if at the end of the day I might only change one person’s view, I will pass on without regrets.

There’s a favourite quote of mine I’d like to share with all of you:

‘I won’t die if I don’t eat meat, but they definitely will if I did.’

How I Became Vegan

“Hi, my name is Amanda Teng and I am a vegan.”

“Huh? What’s a ….*inserts wrong pronunciation*…. vegan?”

“A vegan. Erm, I am a strict vegetarian, I don’t take milk, eggs… any form of dairy product.”

This is usually the reply I give when people ask me what a vegan is.

For those who are more curious, they will inquire more about my lifestyle, the food I am able to eat in Singapore. Some friends will jokingly ask me to eat the grass by the roadside when there is no vegetarian option available for me. Others, who have a better idea of what a vegetarian is, will ask if I take onion and garlic. (In Singapore, some Buddhists do not consume onion and garlic as they are considered “black food”.)

For the record, I enjoy being a vegan in Singapore. There are more food options available right now than before. And I take onion and garlic.

For my interested readers, I have been a vegetarian (on-off vegan) for 13 years of my life, finally making the life-changing decision to go vegan on my 21st birthday.

This was me and Liam showing off the vegan cupcakes (vegan chocolate cake in background) right after we got them straight out of the oven!

For me, taking the plunge to becoming a vegan is all due to the influence of this good friend of mine, Liam. I’ll leave you to read the below article which can also be found at: http://vegvibe.com/VegVibeMar10.pdf

When I was young, I underwent a hole-in-the-heart operation at about the age of 5. I was deem normal and had a “normal” diet. However, there was once I fell sick due to an overdose of chicken wings. I think it was fried chicken wings. At that time, my family just adopted Buddhism as our religion.

As such, my family also converted to a vegetarian diet. My mum would bring vegetarian food for us in primary school as there was no vegetarian stall.

In my secondary school, there was no vegetarian stall. As such, I survived on my order of “wanton mee, no wanton, no char siew, more cai xin”. Because of this, the stall owners recognized me and due to my frequent ordering, I did not need to repeat my order. 😛

Then came junior college. I enjoyed my 1st 3 months junior college as there was a vegetarian stall. And, during peak periods, there would be only a short queue for vegetarian as nobody else ate it unless they were in a rush. My friends would rather queue for other stalls.

However, my “permanent” junior college also did not contain a vegetarian stall. Instead, it was famous for its chicken rice stall. It was not easy to get food. 😦

Being I was a vegetarian, I didn’t quite like to eat eggs, and especially, dislike drinking milk, except for those that are strongly flavored. So, there will be periods where I would set myself a mental goal – No eggs for the next 2-3 months. It was on the whole, quite successful.

I met Liam in 2005 when he was just embarking on his vegetarian journey. He just turned vegetarian, but was still eating white meat such as fish. During a inter-school gathering in Australia at a place with lots of roasted meat, Liam and me were the only ones served a special dish. That was how our friendship started.

As I wanted to celebrate my 21st birthday in Australia, we reconnected. I learnt that he became vegan at the start of 2009. I was willing to undergo a vegan diet during the few days I stayed with him.

It was easy.

Thus, I decided that I would maintain my vegan diet when I am back in my home country.

Coming back to Singapore, I found that it was really tough to eat vegan outside. Being a Singaporean, I find it easier to eat out than to cook everyday as eating out is more convenient and less time consuming. The easiest way was to eating vegan was to go to vegetarian hawker stalls and order dishes without eggs in them. But there was not many stalls and you need to know where they are.

It is usually easier if you head to a restaurant where they can prepare your “special diet” meal such as the one below I had in September 2009. But it is more expensive and not suitable for everyday consumption.

Do share with me your vegetarian/vegan journey! 😀

New Year Resolutions


A new year has begun. Every new year, people all over the world make new year resolutions. Some decide that its time to set new goals, time to maintain and keep those goals they have set.

Time flies…

People then realize that they have slowly fallen into their old habits. They have forgotten their goals that they set for themselves at the start of the year. Their commitment to maintain and succeed in their goals.

Ever had that happen to you? Well, its the same for me.

In July last year, I started a photo album titled “Vegan eats around Singapore with Amanda!”.


The album with a hit among my friends, both non-vegetarians and vegetarians alike. I received much positive feedback about starting a blog on the huge variety of vegan eats in Singapore. Even friends of friends approached me on Facebook asking for recommendations and writing of articles on vegan/vegetarian food in Singapore.

Life happened, I was busy tutoring and preparing my students for the O and A Levels at the end of the year. I spent 1.5 months in Kathmandu, Nepal immersing myself in a monastic environment in Kopan Monastery, practicing the Dharma intensively by participating in a 1 month Lam Rim (Guide to Enlightenment) course.

I had an enjoyable time and also, very fruitful discussion sessions with my discussion group.

The course has since ended and many of my friends and students ask me this question: How was the meditation sessions? Have I gained enlightenment?

Well, I would say that such an experience has certainly changed me for the better. My interactions with my family members are less abrasive. I am now more thankful and appreciative of all that my parents have given me.

All my friends and even strangers, whom through their kindness, made my life easier. Even when taking the train at peak periods, I am thankful that the stranger(s) in front of the train door made some space for me to squeeze into the train so that I do not need to wait for the next train.

All these small incidences that happen in my life, I am better positioned to handle it mentally, emotionally and physically. Not because I am a vegan, but because these are all fellow human beings whom I am sharing the planet with.

2011 has ended, but 2012 shall mark the day of the birth of my blog, http://www.sgvegan.wordpress.com

Dear friends, I look forward to your support in following my life’s vegan journey. Thank you!