A clean way to spring clean for the upcoming Chinese New Year in Feb!

A clean way to spring clean for the upcoming Chinese New Year in Feb!

(By Angela)
Yet, do you know that common household cleaning products can contain unsafe ingredients that can cause problems in your health? Look out for these ingredients: 2-Butoxphenol, which can cause skin and eye irritations, phthalates (Synthetic fragrances) and synthetic colourant dyes which may cause cancer and other adverse health effects.

Household Cleaning Products Survey 2015 show that 70% of Singaporeans fail to look into green alternatives for household cleaning products.

As a tutor with a home-based business, I tend to cook a lot at home and do household chores myself.

Coming from a family of four, I do most of the dishwashing while my mum washes the clothes mostly.

I came across Biohome, a product range for green household cleaning purposes when I was shopping at Fairprice. These products are made from 100% plant based active ingredients and are therefore vegan by default. I tried the following three products-Dishwashing Detergent, Laundry Detergent and Floor Cleaner.

Dishwashing Detergent

I find that general dishwashing detergent happens to irritate my skin, and leave my hands greasy.

Random fact: Do you know that a hawker works from 5.20am to 11.00pm every day, serving 100 to 120 plates a day. And most hawkers wash the dishes by themselves. I observed that many of them have wrinkly hands and dry skin that get sensitive and red easily. I am actually afraid that I might develop hand wrinkles in the long run, with so much chemicals added to my hands every day.

The detergent is made of derived ingredients from coconut. I like that it removes grease from plates well without leaving any residue or grease. I just need a pump of detergent to clean a load of dishes. It also helps to save water due to its low foam formula. My hands feel soft and smooth,with a slight lemongrass and green tea fragrance, but the fragrance smells slightly chemical.

Laundry Detergent

Due to the rainy season, we sometimes take in clothes that are not completely dry because another round of laundry needs to be hung in the same spot. The clothes tend to smell bad and it is because fillers interact with the bacteria and moisture and cause bad odors.

But my mum found that there was no bad smell after leaving clothes in the open. Perhaps it is because this laundry detergent contains no fillers.

The laundry detergent cleans the clothes well using Plantmoist technology and comes with slight Hyacinth and Nectarine fragrance. The detergent is suitable for indoor drying as well.

The laundry detergent is very concentrated, so my mum just needs to use a little bit each time. My mum found lots of laundry suds with just a little bit of detergent and water.

Floor cleaner

The floor cleaner is also made from natural ingredients. It cleans the greasy floor of my kitchen well.

The floor also doesn’t feel sticky. It does not contain any wax though so don’t expect that your floor will look sparkly shiny. There is a slight lemongrass and green tea fragrance that still reminds me of chemicals. I love to lie on the clean, nice smelling floor and read books!

Summary – Angela’s thoughts:

I am overall satisfied with the green household cleaning products. Though they just contain natural ingredients, their cleaning power is still comparable to conventional cleaning products. The price is also quite affordable. The packaging also looks great. If you want a free trial of Biohome products, just head over to its Facebook page and send through your personal details.

SGVegan’s thoughts:

You can commonly find Bio-Home products in the major supermarkets in Singapore, such as the image below which I took in NTUC:


Do note that for the Delicate Bio-Home laundry detergent, it contains hydrolysed silk protein, which Bio-Home is only able to verify that the silk worms emerge hatched from the weaved silk cocoons (they eat their way out) but not of the hatched adult moth’s well-bring.

SGVegan has chosen not to review/use the delicate version as we know that usually such silk worms emerge with underdeveloped mouth parts and unable to fly (source).

Here is what Bio-Home has replied with regards to the use of this hydrolysed silk protein in their delicate  laundry detergent:

With regards to the process of drawing the silk protein, supplier has indicated that it is taken after the silkworm have morph into moth because they only need to extract the protein found in the silk by hydrolysing it unlike fabric manufacturer who needs pure and undamaged silk before silkworm turn into moth.

Therefore we do not harm the silkworm – clearly being a eco green brand, we have taken steps to ensure that does not happen. There are no other plant based compounds that has similar silk protein structure.

Why we use silk protein because it is a natural ingredient that is suitable for people with sensitive skin. With more exposure to chemicals on a daily basis (be it processed food, cleaning agent or simply the haze / air) more and more people are getting skin irritation and skin sensitivity.

Silk protein protects and retain moisture on the skin.

I personally find that when I use the regular laundry detergent, I need to use more and sun dry my clothes. Air drying in an enclosed area will lead to some clothes smelling bad. But otherwise, I really like the scent.

Like Angela mentioned, the floor cleaner also foams up really well. Just a tiny small amount in a large pail does the job when mopping.

With regards to the multi-purpose cleaning spray, I personally find that if I happen to take a whiff of the spray scent while spraying, I end up choking as the smell is really strong. So do be careful when using it.


I have 2 sample bags from Bio-Home, each containing a small bottle of laundry detergent, floor cleaner, dishwashing liquid and multi-purpose cleaner.

SGVegan_Biohome sample bag

Follow SGVegan with your email address (top right of page) and comment on this post as to why you would like to win the Bio-Home sample bag.

Winners to be drawn on 24 January 2016, 2pm. All winners will be contacted and a meet-up will be arranged. 🙂


Bio-Home Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Promotion

Bio-Home Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Promotion

SGVegan recently collaborated with the Singapore distributor of Bio-Home, an eco-friendly brand that carries laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner and multi-surface cleaner.

Currently, Bio-Home is having a special 1+1 for their regular laundry detergent.

Bio-Home Redemption

Each 1.5L of Bio-Home laundry detergent is able to last up to 36 washes. So with this special promo of an extra bottle, 72 washes in total. That means even if 2 full loads of laundry are washed every week, this can last for up to 9 months (assuming 4 weeks in a month)!

So head on down to these outlets to redeem them before 8 Nov! Get your family members to redeem it before it runs out. 🙂

Bio-Home Redemption Outlet Timing

Stay tuned to SGVegan for my upcoming Bio-Home reviews! Remember to subscribe to SGVegan with your email address on the top right corner 🙂

EarthFest, Singapore’s first sustainable living festival this Saturday, 26 Sept 2015

EarthFest, Singapore’s first sustainable living festival this Saturday, 26 Sept 2015

SGVegan_EarthFest Logo

EarthFest is a festival with planet-friendly food fair, farmer’s market, live music, eco-carnival games, screenings, and more!

A good friend of mine, Mike Broadhead, is passionate about reducing our carbon footprint in our lives. As such, Mike came up with this vision 2 years ago, for a festival to inspire and empower us all to create a modern and sustainable future.

Thus, EarthFest was born.

Happening this Saturday, 26 September 2015 @ Marina Barrage from 11 am to 3:30 pm (rain or shine – the area is covered).

SGVegan_Marina Barrage

Here’s a site map of EarthFest:

SGVegan_EarthFest Site Map

Things to do too during EarthFest:

SGVegan_EarthFest Things to Do

So, the most important thing is, what is there to bring at a sustainable festival such as EarthFest?

SGVegan_EarthFest Things to Bring

And here’s the instructions on how to get to EarthFest:

SGVegan_Getting to EarthFest

Also, what are the special events occurring during EarthFest? (Do note, some require registering…)

SGVegan_EarthFest Special Events 1

SGVegan_EarthFest Special Events 2

And, what’s a festival without performers? See if you recognize them from the images… (I don’t)

SGVegan_EarthFest Performers

SGVegan_EarthFest End Vision

What I do like is the phrase above, “Use social media to shift the future”.

While I know the tickets are sold out on http://earthfestsingapore.com/, please do not hesitate to swing by this Saturday. It is possible to attend as “walk-in traffic”. 🙂

My shopping experience review (and tips!) on Lazada.sg

A healthy lifestyle begins with small steps one can take to improve one’s health. When we take about health, most of us focus on the food that enters our body. However, we tend to neglect the other contributing factors such as our environment and lifestyle, which plays an equal part towards our health.

As a lady, I am always in search for the best deals. Every time I find a good deal, my happiness level goes up, and I feel good. Who says shopping does not improve our mental well being? 😉

I noticed that the best deals are obtained online on online shopping sites, because online retailers only need to cover warehousing and delivery costs, while physical retailers have to cover other overheads such as rent, workers’ wages and many other costs. These costs are then passed on to the consumer leading to products which cost more than when purchased online.

SGVegan_Lazada logo

As such, I discovered Lazada.sg last year, when I was on ShopBack.sg. ShopBack helps you get the best deals and discounts on 300+ stores, plus Cashback. By signing up on ShopBack, with my referral link (http://shopback.sg/r/2jSEjv), you and I both stand to gain $5 cashback.

Why I am introducing Lazada.sg? As I mentioned at the start, our environment and lifestyle contributes to our health.

By shopping online on an online shopping site such as Lazada.sg, one gets to enjoy cashback, and special deals and discounts, such as the Lazada Friday Frenzy deal which is going to end at midnight tonight, and Lazada MasterCard Monday.

I have personally purchased products on Lazada before, and delivery is only 2 days! If the item is not in Singapore, the Lazada will have a note on the page informing customers of the longer delivery time.

Based on a healthy lifestyle, I have chosen 5 products which can improve our lifestyle.

1. Health/DietSedona Rawfood Dehydrator

SGVegan_Sedona Dehydrator

I have chosen the Sedona Rawfood Dehydrator as compared to other run-of-the-mill dehydrators, the Sedona Dehydrator is specially designed to ensure the nutrients and taste are retained in the food and are truly raw, and not cooked.

The Sedona Dehydrator has 2 drying compartments, so you can control how much power is being used, especially if you are only dehydrating a small amount of food.

2. Health/KnowledgeKindle


Knowledge is power and without knowledge, one is not able to improve our health. The Kindle is kind on our eyes, lighter than carrying an actual book and can be used for weeks/months on a single charge.

This is a product I have personally purchased a few weeks ago. It costs close to $100 but has since dropped. And there is now 8000+ free Ebooks – hooray! 🙂 Delivery is longer as it was shipped in at that time. Although the Kindle has ads, the ads is just on the screen of the Kindle when it is switched off. I am completely fine with it.

3. Health/Relaxation Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Speaker

SGVegan_Harma Kardon Onyx Studio Speaker

This is ridiculously priced. In a positive sense.

We all know that listening to music has a positive effect on our mind, mental state and mood.

The Harman Kardon brand delivers beautiful sound by combining unmatched audio quality and iconic design to create a work of both art and sound. I was surprised to see that this bluetooth speaker was going for $129 and as I was looking for a bluetooth speaker, boy, did this deliver.

Delivery came within 2 days of ordering. It came in the original packaging so it was authentic. The sound, wow. Let me just say that if you have a party at home, this is a sound system that is cheap but yet sounds good. You can blast music, or if you are like me, you can listen to it, by pairing your computer with it and you get good sound quality like in the cinemas. I find myself relaxing to the good quality sound in my room before heading to bed.

It was so good (and cheap) that my boyfriend purchased a total of 4 speakers for himself and his family members. Shh~

4. Health/FitnessNike Fuelband SE (Second Edition)

SGVegan_Nike Fuelband Second Edition

I chose this mainly because I am already the owner of a Nike Fuelband SE of the exact color. When I first purchased mine, it was only available in London and as such, I had to get a friend to buy it for me. The reason the Nike Fuelband SE attracted me out of all the fitness bands is due to the “traffic lights” at the bottom. You set a daily NikeFuel goal based on your activeness, and it tracks your activities from waking to night, where at the end of the day, if you fulfilled your NikeFuel goal, the bar of lights will be full (color adds on from Green to Red).

With my new iPhone, I get to sync it with my phone and this gives me feedback and motivation. Burn those fats!!

5. Health/ConvenienceSamsung Slimline Portable HD

SGVegan_Samsung HD

Now with everything done on a computer, we need to ensure that our data are all backed up in case anything happens. It will be a real inconvenience and headache if we lose our data. I am the owner of this Samsung Slimline Portable HD. I purchased mine 2 years ago at the main IT fair at Suntec. It works really well and now comes in 2TB! Mine is only half the size at 1TB, the maximum storage capacity 2 years back. I paid more last time too, than the amount listed here. Plus this Samsung Slimline Portable HD comes with a 3 years local warranty.


These are the 5 products I have chosen to highlight based on different aspects of a healthier lifestyle.

Given my positive shopping experience on Lazada.sg, this is my go-to online shopping site. Delivery is within 2 days from purchase, and there is an ease-of-mind for support in case anything happens as they have a local team. After reading my Lazada.sg review, I hope you will be interested to check them out especially today as their Friday Frenzy sale ends midnight! 🙂

Click on the below image to start shopping for the best deals now!

SGVegan_Lazada Best Deals

[City Square Mall] Food Bank Box for Donating Excess Food

[City Square Mall] Food Bank Box for Donating Excess Food

Have excess food at home?

Not sure what to do with it?

How about dropping it off at City Square Mall’s latest Food Bank Box? This helps both the underprivileged in Singapore, as well as doing a part for Mother Earth! 🙂

In collaboration with The Food Bank Singapore Ltd, City Square Mall has added Food Bank Boxes for the public to donate our non-perishable and excess food items to the needy. You can read more about why having this Food Bank Box helps Mother Earth below.

So what are suitable food items you can donate?

  • Non-perishable food
  • Unopened
  • Unused
  • At least 4 weeks of shelf life

Examples of acceptable items: Canned food, dried food, preserved food, staples, snacks, condiments, non-refrigerated beverages

SGVegan_Food Bank Box at City Square Mall - Acceptable Food Items
SGVegan_Food Bank Box at City Square Mall – Acceptable Food Items

Location: Level 2, besides the Customer Service Counter (City Square Mall is located at 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539. near Farrer Park MRT station)

SGVegan_Food Bank Box at City Square Mall - Level 2 besides the Customer Service Counter (credit to City Square Mall)
SGVegan_Food Bank Box at City Square Mall – Level 2 besides the Customer Service Counter (credit to City Square Mall)

I for one am glad that there is an additional recycling bin, specially for food at City Square Mall. With already present recyling bins for general waste (cans, plastic, paper, trash) and cosmetics (facial products, make-up removers, shampoos, shower foams, body lotions, City Square Mall is worthy of being known as Singapore’s first eco-friendly mall! Now my only hope is that they have a vegetarian store available at the food court…heehee 🙂

How does Food Box Bank help Mother Earth?

Did you know 2180 tonnes of food are dumped every day? That’s the equivalent of 110 double decker buses!

We are often guilty of buying too much food or receive lots of snacks during Christmas which would otherwise be wasted when they are left to expire on our shelves at home. The Food Bank Singapore has set up a Food Bank Box at City Square Mall to collect these items which would then be shared with Family Service Centres, Soup Kitchens and other Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs).

Spread the word and let’s help the needy (and environment)! 🙂

Yankee Candle: Fresh Clean Scents – Better Mental Clarity

I strongly believe in the power of scents. A scent can improve one’s mental health. A scent can invoke even the long lost memories… A scent can completely change your overall mood 🙂

The Yankee Candle Company is an American manufacturer and retailer of scented candles, candleholders, and accessories.

SGVegan_Yankee Candles
SGVegan_Yankee Candles

Located at 8 locations around Singapore, Yankee Candles are made with the finest American craftsmanship. It looks atas (Singlish: high class), but yet is an affordable luxury.

They currently have new Autumn fragrances in store. I was send 4 Samplers® votive Candles to try out.

SGVegan_Yankee Candles Autumn Fragrances

From top: Cranberry Pear, Bay Leaf Wreath, Silver Birch and Ginger Dusk

I visited their shop at JEM last weekend. After exploring the shop, the sales assistant happened to introduce the Good Air® Just Plain Fresh™ scent to us. Upon inhaling, I was immediately drawn to the scent, and the quirky name. She informed us that it was one of their bestselling scents and the below air freshener was the last piece.

SGVegan_Good Air®

Thanks to an NTUC Credit Card discount of 10%, I purchased it at $9.90 less 10%. 🙂

My thoughts:

I have been carrying this Good Air® Just Plain Fresh™ air freshener in my bag since Monday. Friends who have a sensitive sense of smell, thought it was my perfume. My bag smells good and the smell has permeated into my wallet too! I have received positive feedback about the Just Plain Fresh™ scent and I can’t wait to try out the new autumn scent candles! 🙂

I particularly love the scent called Fluffy Towels too 🙂

Yankee Candle is located at:

  • Great World City #03-33
  • Velocity@Novena Square #02-41
  • JEM Jurong East Mall #01-14
  • Parkway Parade #B1-28
  • Suntec City Mall #02-366
  • Takashimaya@Basement 1
  • Robinsons Raffles City @ Level 3
  • TANGS Orchard@Basement 1
SGVegan_Yankee Anniversary Sale Roses

Starting today, they are having an Anniversary Sale of 20% off storewide till Sunday. Why not head down and discover your favourite scent?


The Shift movie

I just watched one of the most inspiring trailers that I’ve ever seen. In this time of fear and decay, it is time to move towards a vision and breakthrough.

Check out the trailer here (you’ll be inspired).


Below are some of the quotes and phrases in the trailer that resonated with me:

Every one of us contributes towards this form of collective consciousness. We are a community of agents.

“A massive shift is building not only in our consciousness but in how we live. We’re reaching a critical mass of people who are taking a stand for a new way. We just need to recognise it.  And grow the movement, together.”

“The secret to change is not fighting the old, but in finding the power too fight for the new.”
Nate Howard, Academic Coach, Speaker

“Ask what makes you come alive and do that…
Because what the world need is people who have come alive.”
Howard Thurman, Civil Rights Activist

The shift on Planet Earth requires a critical mass of people saying YES to the inner self.

You love what you are doing and you have big dreams. Your impact is amazing.

We are all potential change agents. There is so much hope in the younger generation.

The sexiest thing in this world? Its being smart, thoughtful and generous.

Being, love, compassion and consciousness.

Change from INside out is only when you are INspired.

This film is different.  It’s being supported and funded by a movement – by people like you and me.

We can join together to tell this story, and get it in theaters and seen around the world!

Watch the trailer, feel moved, and jump on board!

We can make it happen. Lets accelerate the shift that is taking place!


Amanda (SGVegan)

PS: After viewing the trailers, you may want to “post your story” by contributing your personal story. The 2 most voted stories will be shot, and included in the final storyline of The Shift movie. Isn’t that exciting?! 😀