New Vegan Miso Soup from The Soup Spoon…hopefully its Vegan

New Vegan Miso Soup from The Soup Spoon…hopefully its Vegan

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SGVegan_The Soup Spoon Miso Red Rice Stew with Wakame

Ok, so the page does not show any ingredients of this soup.

Further sleuthing on the page by clicking on “Souper Inspirations”, I came to the story behind this stew:

Nope, no ingredients list, but only a photo of the ingredients used:


Ok, looks good. Looks vegan.

For the rest of you who are confused, The Soup Spoon’s previous new stew, Japanese Style Vegan Sweet Potato Curry is not vegan even though they stated that it is:

SGVegan_The Soup Spoon Jap Vegan Sweet Potato Curry

Thanks to my reader, Debbie, we quickly verified that Honey was used. According to Debbie, she had emailed The Soup Spoon alerting them of this error.


I got the above photo from The Soup Spoon’s website just a while ago.

Clearly, they still believe that Honey is vegan.

I left a comment, asking them to reclassify this Japanese style sweet potato curry to Vegetarian instead of Vegan.


Let’s hope they do that soon! 🙂


[The Fitness Grocer] GoLo with the Go Lo Spreads

[The Fitness Grocer] GoLo with the Go Lo Spreads

Hi everybody!

Sorry I’ve been away from blogging for a while now. Been caught up with work and life…I’m not going to come up with excuses for the lack of posts since mid-Feb. I will, compensate by sharing with you all an exclusive discount for a vegan Nutella-like spread on The Fitness Grocer.

The Fitness Grocer is an online retailer based in Singapore, started by student athletes who are now taking the business full stream onwards, with the dream to ensure that active and busy people have a convenient, healthy and nutritional source of ready-to-eat food and snacks.

I had previously tried their Vegan Subway-like cookies, that are packed full of protein. Known as The Complete Cookie® under Lenny and Larry’s brand. I was told that The Fitness Grocer is the first in Singapore to retail this cookies range. So why not ditch the Subway cookie and get this delicious huge all-natural cookie instead? Suitable for everybody and not just vegans.

Lenny and Larry_The Complete Cookie Info

 *Psssst. I just checked their website and there is special deal if you buy a box of it. My personal favourites are: Double Chocolate, Pumpkin and Oatmeal Raisin!*

Now the main purpose of this post is to share about The Fitness Grocer’s latest offerings, which, if you are already following me on Instagram (check out my latest Instagram posts featuring my baking conquests on the top right column of the page) and Facebook, you would have been aware that I announced the news about the vegan Nutella-like spread in early February. So for the latest happenings, do follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook!

Back to the vegan Nutella-like spread, why do I call it Nutella-like? It is known officially as the Go Lo Dark Hazelnut Spread.

Well, because, at first taste, after having not eaten Nutella for many years (at least 6 years since I went vegan), it reminds me of Nutella, so much. I went to heaven there with every bite. However, if I just eat it out of the bottle (not kept in the fridge), I feel as if there is an oily texture as the spread is quite watery. I made sure I kept it in the fridge, although the bottle said not keep refrigerated for the best taste. But do note that if left out in the open on warm toasted bread, the spread does turn watery. I ensured that I ate it all up immediately right after spreading it on my bread. Yum.

The Go Lo Dark Hazelnut Spread is unlike the creamy-ness of Nutella but yet its still Nutella-like in the taste. Hence my mind remembers it as the vegan Nutella-like spread. A plus point is that the Go Lo Dark Hazelnut Spread is so much healthier, because its SUGAR FREE! ohmygosh.

And how much sugar is there in Nutella? Here’s a visual comparison:

SGVegan_Chocolate Spreads Sugar Comparison Visual

As seen, the Go Lo Dark Hazelnut Spread is so much healthier, especially in terms of the sugar level. No cows are hurt in the process too. Woohoo!

A look at the ingredients explains how the sweetness is achieved with Pure Joy added in the ingredients! 😀

SGVegan_Go Lo Ingredients
SGVegan_Go Lo Ingredients List

As you can see, the other spread from the Go Lo Foods brand that I sampled is the Go Lo Almond Butter.

Initial taste-wise, I was not as drawn to the Go Lo Almond Butter as compared to their Dark Hazelnut Spread initially simply because it tasted different. Like the kind of I-am-not-used-to-this-taste kind of weirdness. But as time went by, I found myself preferring the Go Lo Almond Butter over the Dark Hazelnut Spread.

Well, I must admit I didn’t know what Go Lo Foods meant on the bottle “60% more protein than JUSTIN’S”, since the first brand that popped in my mind is the Skippy brand! Haha, I know its so irrelevant as Skippy is a peanut butter spread, and not an Almond Spread. Ohmans.

But anyway, the Go Lo Almond Butter contains pea and hemp proteins in them. And its so good I must say. The taste and texture of it once spread on bread is heavenly. So smooth. It has come to be my long time favourite out of the two.

For more variety, I spread each slice of my toasted bread with the Go Lo Dark Hazelnut Spread and the Go Lo Almond Butter. Then I paste the slices (one Dark Hazelnut, one Almond Butter) together. Super yum max.

SGVegan_Go Lo
SGVegan_Go Lo

The Go Lo Dark Hazelnut Spread is currently retailing at S$16.90 on The Fitness Grocer while the Go Lo Almond Butter is currently retailing at S$18.90. If you get both in a Go Lo Bundle, its only S$34.90!

So here’s the special deal I mentioned right at the beginning. Simply type in the code “AMANDAGOLO” when checking out. SGVegan readers get to enjoy an exclusive 10% discount 🙂

Do click on any of the links to get to The Fitness Grocer website. The code is valid till end April, so that means not many days left! 🙂

[Lucky Pick] Lunch with Friends at Xin En Vegetarian

Dear SGVegan readers,

SGVegan receives media invites for food tasting.

I would like to invite you, my readers, to lunch at Xin En Vegetarian on 20 Sept 2014, 2-3pm 12-1pm.

SGVegan_Meal with Friends
SGVegan_Meal with Friends

To receive an exclusive invite to this free lunch food trying event, leave a comment below by 17 Sept 2014, 2359hrs 🙂

An email will be sent those who will be joining us for lunch by 18 Sept 2014.


心恩素食 Xin En Vegetarian
710 Clementi West Street 2
Singapore 120710
Normal Operations on Monday to Saturday;
Alternate Sundays, 1st and 15th of Lunar months

Introducing 2 new burgers at VeganBurg

Recently, VeganBurg, the world’s first-ever vegan fast food chain homegrown in Singapore, launched 2 burgers.

I was invited to swing by VeganBurg to try out these new burgers:

SGVegan_Tangy Tartar

Tangy Tartar used to be on the menu, was taken off and recently hit the menu again with a brand new, less “sour-ish” taste.

Personally I love the fact that this burger contains alfafa sprouts in addition to the lettuce, which makes it a much healthier burger. I don’t really like eating alfafa sprouts by itself, so I usually pair it in a burger form. For example, when I am at home, my alfafa sprouts go onto fresh avocado topped toasted bread – yum!

SGVegan_Tangy Tartar Bitten

So biting into the Tangy Tartar reminds me how VeganBurg really puts a lot of effort into the R&D, making burgers taste better without compromising on the health aspect!

Next up is the brand NEW addition to the menu – introducing the Roxy Aioli burger!

SGVegan_Roxy Aioli

When I first heard about the Roxy Aioli, and that it uses garlic as its sauce, I was a bit apprehensive, since I thought that the “garlicky” sauce would be overwhelming for me as I usually do not take onion and garlic.

First bite into the burger and I was taken aback by surprise – it was only a slight tinge of “garlic-ness” but this garlic taste was balanced off nicely with the slice of tomato that was in the burger.

SGVegan_Roxy Aioli Bitten


The Roxy Aioli burger is now my new favorite burger, and I believe it can beat the all time highly popular Cracked Pepper Mayo burger. Haha!

Both the Tangy Tartar and Roxy Aioli burgers are now available in VeganBurg for a limited period. For more information on the inspiration behind VeganBurg’s fast food revolution, read my previous blogpost here.

Have a great weekend ahead and do remember to subscribe with your email at the top right corner of this page for the latest SGVegan updates on Small Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle. 🙂

SGVegan Sweet Williams Major Giveaway!

I came across this chocolate brand last year when I was in Sydney.

This year, my awesome vegan sister passed me a slab of White Delight to try. It was then that I discovered that vegan white chocolate existed!

Introducing… Sweet William!

SGVegan_Sweet William Logo

Sweet William is a 100% Australian owned and operated brand based in Sydney. Their products are all vegan, halal and kosher certified!

Though they have labels showing that they are Dairy FREE, Gluten FREE, Nut FREE and Lactose FREE, I can definitely assure you that they are not taste free! 😛

I finally had the pleasure of enjoying a vegan “nutella” version of a chocolate spread on bread recently when I was in the Blue Mountains.

SGVegan_SW Chocolate Spread

It was completely ecstatic! I had not ever had the a chocolate spread for the last ~4 years since I turned vegan. I swear it was the most awesome taste ever. Nom-nom. You can imagine how thick the chocolate which I spread on the bread.

It was then that I noticed that they also had the Scooby Doo range after I saw a tub of the Sweet William Scooby Doo Mud Spread in Rubyfruit, a vegan boutique bakery and cafe in the Blue Mountains. However, more about Rubyfruit later! They deserve whole single post about them!

Also, I understood from one of the Sweet William staff through email that there is also a White Strawberry special that was just launched! Imagine…. White Chocolate with Strawberry bits……………………

SGVegan_SW_White Strawberry

The vegan sister who introduced me to the White Chocolate was on rainbow mode after eating the White Strawberry. 🙂

And… a great news about this White Strawberry is that it is diabetic friendly!

Sweet William has this diabetic friendly range of chocolate known as Sweet As and it is absolutely great for friends who are suffering from diabetes and have given up hope of ever eating both milk chocolate and especially white chocolate as Stevia is used instead.

SGVegan_Sweet As range

It was really great timing that Amanda Nabulsi (not kidding, its another Amanda!) who is the marketing coordinator of Sweet William dropped me an email reply just the day before I was about to depart Sydney.

Amanda was so kind as to personally deliver some chocolate to me for this feature, together with my White Strawberry order as White Strawberry is only available in Big W! Thank you so much Sweet William and Amanda! You’re awesome. 😀

Last but not least, it has been about 1.5 years since I’ve started blogging and I would like to thank the many subscribers (113, wow!) who have supported my behind-the-scenes as I have not been a consistent blogger. Thank you for being there for me!

To express my gratitude, for the 1st time in SGVegan history, I have decided to conduct a major 7 items giveaway of Sweet William chocolates:

  1. Chocolate Chips 150g
  2. SWEET AS Original 100g (Diabetic Friendly)
  3. SWEET AS Rice Crackle 100g (Diabetic Friendly)
  4. SWEET AS White Strawberry 100g (Diabetic Friendly)
  5. Original 50g + Rice Crackle 50g
  6. Original 100g
  7. White Delight 100g

SGVegan_Sweet William Giveaway

Without Sweet William being a huge supportive sponsor of the chocolates, I would not be able to conduct this major giveaway.

All you need to do to win 1 of these 7 items is to like and share my facebook post about this Sweet William Giveaway, then comment back here on this blogpost with your choice of either 1 of the 7 items, PLUS your email address!

Hurry! Contest ends this Sunday, 28 July, 2359Hrs. Results to be announced on 29 July, the following day!

*Note* Contest only open to Singapore residents.

Headed to Sydney – again!

I am so excited, Singapore Airlines currently has an awesome promotion currently running. And, I am headed to Sydney again, this time with my aunt. 😀 Thanks aunty!

Sunrise in the Blue Mountains

I’m impressed by the easily available vegan options and choices in Sydney during my last visit last year.

Soon, I’m going to make my way to Sydney again on 5th July for 12 days. I’ll be acting as a tour guide for my aunt, who has decided to opt for in-flight vegan meals with me too! Yayy, I’m so happy!! 😀

During the 12 days I will be in Sydney, I will be spending about 1 week in the Blue Mountains. Activities I will be doing include Bushwalking, visiting the Jenolan Caves (maybe consider doing Plug Hole Adventure Caving), Three Sisters, Scenic World, and abseiling if possible! Not to forget stuffing myself with the most delicious vegan food only available in the Blue Mountains. More about that below. The list goes on..!

And while in Sydney, Bondi Beach, Gap Bluff, Manly Beach, sunset at Mrs Macquarie’s chair, Sydney Opera House… just to name some of them.

Currently, I have some places I would definitely be visiting:

For Food:

Blue Mountains
1. Rubyfruit – Leura (Amanda & Simone! Love them loads, not forgetting the unbelievably delicious tasting cheesecakes and hot meals available.)
2. Mountain High Pies – Wentworth Falls (Vegan options available.)
3. Cafe Memento – Blackheath (Was closed when I visited last time!)

1. Funky Pies – Bondi (The bestest ever all vegan pies!!!!)
2. Iku Wholefood (Healthy and delicious quick-to-go vegan meals!! All wholesome and nutritious food, with gluten-free options available.)
3. Mother Chu’s Vegetarian Kitchen (Long history! Introduced by my mum who was in Sydney many many years ago, this place is still going strong, and gets really packed! Mother Chu takes part in the running of the restaurant, I’ve seen and spoken to her during dining hours, an amazing lady.)
4. Green Gourmet – Newtown (Chinese Buffet option available, but highly recommended is the Vegan’s Choice next door. They serve all sorts of desserts, and even tofu ice cream that is very light and not tofu-y at all. I tried Rose+Choc flavor, it was yummy!)
5. Coles (I am going to get all sorts of vegan goodies such as Sweet Williams Chocolate back to Singapore! Heehee.)

For Health and Wellness:

This is particularly memorable. During my last visit last year, my best vegan buddy, Liam, was going for Colon Irrigation at Colon Care Centre (Surry Hills). Initially, I was extremely turned off and did not want to try it at all. After my mum went for the colon irrigation, she was in good spirits and more energetic. As such after much hesitation (and recommendation from Liam), I decided to try it out. It was surprisingly good!!

The benefits of a colon irrigation as taken from their website:

What can Colon Hydrotherapy Aid in?

  • Liver overload from alcohol or medications
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Depression
  • Back ache
  • Headaches & lack of concentration
  • Skin Disorders
  • Bloating and flatulence
  • Digestive problems
  • Yeast / Candida overgrowth

For Shopping:

1. Braintree Hemp – Newtown (Bought a bamboo long skirt + hemp long cardigan + unique scarf the last time when they were on sale. Mum also bought. I ❤ them!)

This is my vegan friendly list of things-to-do and visit during my upcoming 12 days in Sydney.

If anyone would be so kind as to be able to provide me with more information on ethical vegan shopping, and places to go, please feel free to leave a comment below or drop me an email. Much appreciated!! 🙂

Happy 2013 and let’s start the new year with a good cause!

Hello to all SGVegan readers!

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for your support for a healthier lifestyle alternative through this blog. I know not all of you here are vegans or vegetarians but I feel so blessed to have you here on the blog, subscribing to any updates that I post.


To those who are subscribed to my blog (through email or WordPress), I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart. A huge apology for the lack of posts on my end for the last quarter of 2012 – its been a hectic personal journey during this period. I am looking forward to posting and sharing more with you on my recent trip to Nepal…coming up! 🙂

In the meantime, I would like to draw your attention to a good cause that is happening this Saturday (tomorrow), 12 Jan 2013 at Fortune Centre, organised by Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes.

Soft Launch Poster-01

As some of you may know already, Delcie’s is having a soft launch opening of her new flagship branch outlet tomorrow 11am-6pm in town (see poster above). Proceeds from all in-store sales will be fully donated to these 2 charities (below) as Delcie’s way of expressing thanks for all the blessings she has received.

  1. Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple
  2. Sri Krishnan Temple (Waterloo Street)

Let me share my humble opinion of Delcie’s Chinese New Year cookies. I have always been a very picky eater of Chinese New Year (CNY) cookies, especially pineapple tarts even when I was a vegetarian. I remember when I was young, I would remove the pineapple and just have the base, which is the tart. My parents would chide me for my lack of manners as it was “not nice” and polite to throw away the pineapple which, in their opinion, is the essence of the pineapple tart. I guess you could say I was a precocious child… pineapple tart without the pineapple. Haha, how embarrassing.

Anyway, all these changed the moment I stepped into Delcie’s and tried their CNY cookies. Ohmygosh, I was hooked!!

I ate every single item, fell in love with them, made orders, and ever since, been a long-time customer. What caused the change?

Well, it is definitely the taste. While the Pineapple tarts/balls are diabetic friendly also (hooray!), they are definitely not lacking in taste/flavor. A single sitting…and I can polish off a full tub of 42 pieces. With huge perseverance… I usually just polish off half a tub, so that I have enough for the next sitting. Trust me, it takes mountains of willpower. Unlike the usual ones outside, one does not get sick and tired of Delcie’s CNY cookies. My favorite ones are Delcie’s Pineapple Balls (Vegan) and Melting White Almond.

*Pics from Delcie’s*


So…why not take this opportunity to head down to Fortune Centre tomorrow and sample some of her awesome CNY cookies? 🙂

Remember… a new year… a new beginning… new resolutions… so let’s have our new year cookies while supporting a good cause!

(P.S.: Eating these CNY cookies do not make you gain weight unlike the others, haha!)

See you there. 🙂