Que Origin: Natural Shower Gels made with Essential Oils

Que Origin: Natural Shower Gels made with Essential Oils

Today is the launch date (1pm) in Singapore for Que Origin, a shower gel that is made with entirely natural ingredients.

Que Origin is a completely new brand started from scratch with the aim to provide nourishing body care. The first product is the Shower Bath which can be both used as a¬†body wash and bubble bath. It is formulated with natural Argan Oil, infused with botanical extracts (grapefruit, raspberry, aloe vera) and scented with natural essential oils only. Numerous harmful chemicals have been excluded, making the process of formulation a challenge, but it was successfully achieved! ūüôā

Here is an image to show you what has been excluded in Que Origin shower gels:

Que Origin Free From List

Carefully selected essential oils from Australia are¬†transported to facilities with GMP for manufacturing in Korea. As such,¬†each and every bottle was made with the purest ingredients in an advance facility. So what’s exactly in the bottle?

Que Origin List 1

Que Origin List 2

So basically the base (1st 2 ingredients) of the shower gel is water and cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB), an organic compound derived from coconut oil and dimethylaminopropylamine.

This is the rating for CAPB from the EWG (Environmental Working Group) website:

EWG cocamidopropyl betaine rating

Que Origin shower gel comes in 2 sizes:

Que Origin: 250mL, $7.90 (left) and 730mL, $14.80 (right)

I (together with the rest of you who voted on pricing) was surprised to learn that the price of the shower gels are very very reasonable!

250mL: $7.90
730mL: $14.80
Customise, 250mL*: $10.90 (more details to be announced soon)

Que Origin contacted me in mid Dec 2015 and I was excited to learn of this new brand that will be launching in Singapore.

Just 2 days ago, the package was delivered to me:

Que Origin product sent

The cardboard box even had the Que Origin logo on it (not shown). Well, they got me hooked on my 1st impression. I will definitely enjoy my shower everyday! ūüôā

As seen in the featured image right at the top of the page, I received 3 x 250mL of each scent (Rose Geranium, Lavender and Lemongrass), of which the Lavender scent is personalised with the SGVegan logo on it.

It was an interesting experience as the shower gel when squeezed out, came out with bubbles. Mind you, its not foamy, but I suspect air bubbles so as to make it easier to lather onto the body.

Que Origin Shower gel
Notice the air bubbles? This is from the Lavender shower gel.

I was really looking forward to the rose geranium and lemongrass scent as these are not usually found in the market.

The Que Origin shower gels all smelled like the actual essential oils, and I would say, guys would definitely like the Lemongrass. If you are looking for a more flowery scent for your female friend, Rose Geranium is the one. Or, if you want something less flowery but more soothing and calming, Lavender is the one to go for.

I like that when I shower with it, my skin feels much softer and moist! ūüôā

Oh, did I mention that you can personalise your gift to your friend in just 4 simple steps?

Que Origin Personalised gift

There are currently only 3 scents (Rose Geranium, Lavender, Lemongrass). More details will be announced soon with regards to customising your scent.

But here’s a little something for you, my readers:

Simply input the code, SGVEGAN on http://www.que-origin.com/ to enjoy $5 off your first purchase (min. order $10). For amounts lesser than $10, you still get to enjoy $3 off!

If you like shower/bath gels from Que Origin, by purchasing from them, you get to enjoy Happy and Reward vouchers! If you share it with your friends, you also get Referral vouchers and jigs. ūüėČ

What are you waiting for?

Check out Que Origin at:

And do stay tuned to SGVegan for more deals! I’m thinking of Que Origin prizes and giveaways. ūüėÄ


[Raw Living Asia] Christmas Hampers of a Difference

Its the festive season, a great time to express your appreciation to the people around you!

Make a great difference gifting these organic and raw foods hampers during the festive season instead of the usual run-of-the-mill hampers, and leave a wonderful impression¬†on your associates, friends and loved ones! ūüôā

Raw Living Asia‘s award winning designers have¬†exquisitely put together these festive collection for you to show your appreciation.¬†To add the element of surprise, you can choose to have the gifts delivered with ‚Äėlive‚Äô music by our dedicated Music Messengers who play a variety of instruments ‚Äď Guitar or Violin for a special price.

Oooo, just reading the above makes me tingle with excitement! I wish that one day, I can be a recipient of such a wonderful healthy wholesome hamper! ūüôā

There are 5 X’mas Collection hampers in total, so here’s a brief introduction of them:

1st off, the Organic Chocolate Hamper, with Handmade Organic Chocolates with Reindeer soft toy presented in a pot of red Gerberas:

SGVegan_Organic Chocolate Hamper

Handmade with single origin Certified Organic Raw Cacao (72%) from Peru and sweetened with Organic Agave Syrup. Indulge yourself with Living Organic Crunchy Mint Raw Chocolate (45g) and Living Organic Crunchy Mint Raw Chocolate (100g)

Comes with a small reindeer soft toy, presented in a pot of red Gerberas.

This retails at S$100.

2nd, the Organic Wine Hamper, celebrate this festive season with Latue Organic Cabernet Sauvignon Wine & Latue Organic Airen Wine presented in a classic wine carrier:

SGVegan_Organic Wine Hamper

This contains Latue Organic Cabernet Sauvignon Wine (75cl) and Latue Organic Airen Wine (75cl) presented in a classic wine carrier.

Retails at S$200.

3rd, the Organic Superfood Hamper, containing organic Superfoods: Salba White Chia, Acai Powder, Maca, Lucuma Powder and a Reindeer soft toy:

SGVegan_Organic Superfood Hamper

This superfood hamper is beneficial to health and overall well being, known for engergising, revitalising and providing the much needed nutrients that the body requires.

Contains Salba White Chia (500g), Acai Powder (150g), Maca (250g), Lucuma Powder (250g) and a Reindeer soft toy.

Retails at S$250.

4th, the Organic Wine and Snack Hamper, containing Organic White Wine, Organic Red Wine, Wild Crafted Volcanic Pili Nuts, Wild Crafted Volcanic Cacao Pili Nuts, Jumbo Green Ascolana Olives in Brine & Black Ascolana Olives in Brine:

SGVegan_Organic Wine and Snack Hamper

Details: Organic White Wine, Organic Red Wine, Wild Crafted Volcanic Pili Nuts (150g, can), Wild Crafted Volcanic Cacao Pili Nuts (145g, can), Jumbo Green Ascolana Olives in Brine (500g) & Black Ascolana Olives in Brine (500g)

Retails at S$280.

Last but not least, for the 5th we have the Organic Skin Care Hamper! Pamper your loved ones with the Certified Organic Intelligent Nutrients Skin Care Range!

SGVegan_Organic Skin Care Hamper

This skin care hamper contains the below Intelligent Nutrients Skin Care products range:

Certified Organic Anti-Aging Cleanser (90ml)
Certified Organic Anti-Aging Mist (50ml)
Certified Organic Anti-Aging Serum (50ml)
Certified Organic Anti-Aging Moisture (90ml)

And retails for S$380!

So what are you waiting for? Head to¬†http://www.rawlivingasia.com/c/38/festive-hampers to order your hamper now! ūüôā

PS: Only available in Singapore. For delivery by Christmas Eve, please place your orders by Monday, 16 December 2013. Regular deliveries on week ends and Public Holidays are subjected to a $20 surcharge. Surprise music deliveries on week ends are subjected to a $20 surcharge, $50 surcharge for Public Holidays. In the event that an item or basket is not available, we will substitute it with another of equivalent or greater value.