Winners for Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea and Coffee

Check out if you are one of the chosen winners below. Those who took part will also receive something too!! 🙂

[Giveaway] Buckwheat Green Tea and Coffee

Delicious Green Tea that can help reduce high blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol by including Buckwheat. Participate in the giveaway below. Ends 31 Jan 2016, 12noon.

[Giveaway] Handmade Heroes – 100% all natural, vegan and cruelty free skincare in Singapore

Singapore’s very own Handmade Heroes skincare that is all natural and safe. Check out the giveaway (ending 5 Feb 2015) now!

[Lucky Pick] Lunch with Friends at Xin En Vegetarian

Dear SGVegan readers, SGVegan receives media invites for food tasting. I would like to invite you, my readers, to lunch at Xin En Vegetarian on 20 Sept 2014, 2-3pm 12-1pm. To receive an exclusive invite to this free lunch food trying event, leave a comment below by 17 Sept 2014, 2359hrs 🙂 An email will be sent thoseContinue reading “[Lucky Pick] Lunch with Friends at Xin En Vegetarian”

[30days™] Giveaway – Lose 1 to 2 sizes in 30 days!

Have you ever tried slimming products, yet with no visible results? How does losing 1 to 2 sizes without going on a diet sound? 30days™ targets slimming from the viewpoint of reducing inflammation, supporting internal detoxification through the digestive and immune system. 30days™ uses 100% natural herbal extracts, beta glucans and minerals. This patented 30days™Continue reading “[30days™] Giveaway – Lose 1 to 2 sizes in 30 days!”

[Orevo Asia Pte Ltd] Giveaway – Stephen James Organics 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt

We need salt in our lives. Our bodies are also made of salt. But not just any salt will do. We need to consume salt that is pure, natural and unprocessed by heating/detrimental commercial treatments. Table salt in general, is not purely NaCl (sodium chloride). It is filled with additives such as iodine, anti-caking agentsContinue reading “[Orevo Asia Pte Ltd] Giveaway – Stephen James Organics 73 Deep Pink Himalayan Salt”

[Giveaway] Kwan Im Cake by Delcie’s Desserts

Tomorrow is the 15th day of the Buddhist calendar. On this auspicious day, Kwan Im Cake, a concept brand by Delcie’s Desserts will be distributing 10,000 free 5 color element lotus flower cakes to the public on its opening launch. (Check out my other post on Delcie’s Desserts here.) Unlike most cakes which are offeredContinue reading “[Giveaway] Kwan Im Cake by Delcie’s Desserts”

SGVegan Treatment Giveaway: Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals

Last year, on 16 Nov 2013, SGVegan successfully organised an organic spa party, together with Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals during the World Vegan Month (November). For those who are interested to know what makes Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals so special, check out my previous post here. Anyway, after the organic spa party last year, 3 winners walked awayContinue reading “SGVegan Treatment Giveaway: Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals”